How to Get Suitable iTunes Interface in iPhone 7 with DFU Mode

Some iPhone 7 users are confused about iPhone 7 dfu mode and they don’t really understand the application. If you have the same problem, you need to read the complete explanation below and start to use the iPhone 7 dfu mode if it is necessary.

Steps to Force iPhone 7 into DFU Mode

iPhone 7 DFU Mode

DFU is Device Firmware Update and the function is to get suitable iTunes interface. The different with recovery modem is that you don’t need to load the iPhone operating system. Definitely, the main function is to get the best firmware which mostly used for jailbreak or SIM unlock. The process is strongly related to force restore iPhone 7. You need to prepare your iPhone 7 and Mac or PC. Then, you have to connect the iPhone 7 to the Mac or PC. To make the connection process easier, you just need to use Lighting so you can connect it to USB cable. Try to turn off the iPhone by pressing and holding the sleep or wake button and the volume down button for a few seconds. Don’t release the button even if you see the Apple Logo. So, when you have to release the buttons? Just do it when you see connect to iTunes message on the iPhone screen. The last thing to do is open iTunes and see a specific message that there is a problem with your iPhone and you have to restore or update it. You are done with the force iPhone and get ready to force iPhone into dfu mode.

iPhone 7 DFU Mode

iPhone 7 DFU Mode

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Steps to do iPhone 7 DFU Mode

DFU Mode for iPhone 7

This is the time for you to follow the steps of iPhone 7 dfu mode. The first thing to do is connecting your iPhone 7 to your Mac or PC. You can do this process by using Lighting so you can connect the iPhone via USB cable. Now, you also have to press two different buttons which are the sleep or wake button and volume down button. Just hold those two buttons for about 10 seconds only. The most important thing you notice in iPhone 7 dfu mode is the time to release the buttons. In this step, just release the sleep or wake button and keep hold the volume down. Just hold the volume down for 10 seconds. You don’t need to be worried if you see a blank screen while doing the iPhone dfu mode iPhone 7. You are on the right track! The last thing to do to finish the iPhone 7 in dfu mode is by opening the iTunes and seeing a certain message on the screen. You will see a message that iTunes is detecting an iPhone in the recovery mode. The message asks you to restore the iPhone so you can use iTunes.

The last thing to do is an exit from recovery mode. The step to exit from dfu mode for iPhone 7 is easy to do. You just need to press the sleep and wake button and volume down button. Hold these two buttons until the Apple Logo appears. Just wait until the iPhone boot back to the lock screen. That’s it! You are moving out from the dfu mode. The most important thing, you know how easy the step of iPhone 7 dfu mode only by using two different types of buttons.

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