Two Steps of Time Warner Cable Modem Setup You Must Know

One of the important processes to use time warner modem is learning the time warner cable modem setup. There are two different time warner cable modern setup you need to know. The information below gives you more understanding of twc modern and wireless router so you can use internet connection smoothly.

Modem Setup without Phone Customer

Time Warner Cable Modem Setup

The first time warner cable modem setup you need to learn is time warner cable modem setup wireless router. In this case, you don’t need any cable from phone service. First, you have to make sure that you are an active internet user along with constant account balance update. Second, you also need to make sure that you are trying to setup the modem in a specific location such as at home or at a workplace and not in a remote area. Third, find out the one end of the coaxial cable on your modem. Then, you have to connect to the live cable outlet. If it is unavailable, you may also connect it to the IN port. Fourth, now open a new web browser to make sure that you are already connected to the internet. The sign that you are successful in this step is that you can see the time warner new modern setup activation portal. There is a case that you are not connected to activation portal. If it is so, you have to type in the browser bar. Don’t forget to remember your zip code, account number, or phone number because you will use it to activate the modem. Fifth, there will be easy steps you have to follow. Just follow the steps carefully so you can continue to the next process and finally use the internet connection from time warner modem smoothly. If you follow all the steps correctly, you can use your modem in 5 minutes only and even less.

Time Warner Cable Modem Setup

Time Warner Cable Modem Setup

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Time Warner Modem Setup with Phone Customer

TWC Wifi Modem Setup

The second twc wifi modem setup is by using phone customer. There are also several simple steps you have to follow in this time warner cable modem setup. First, you have to find the cable connection of your phone modem and remove it. Second, connect the cable to the input connection. The location of the input connection is on the splitter. Third, change your focus on the coaxial cable and try to connect it to the splitter outputs. Don’t forget the other end of the phone modem. Fourth, find the second coaxial cable and connect it to the other splitter output. Do the same thing to the other end but connect it to the modem. Fifth, you need to use your modem ID or MAC address to do time warner router setup. Just find the form on the bottom. Sixth, the next step to do is calling the time warner customer service and asking them to do time warner cable internet setup to activate your new modem. In this step, you have to inform your modem ID or MAC address to the customer service. They will use the ID to complete your account and finally activate the internet connection. It seems that this method is a little bit complicated to do but it is worth it to make sure that you get internet access and do the time warmer modems setup safely. You don’t need to worry to spend extra money while doing the time warner internet modem setup because you don’t need to pay any kind of service even monthly fee only to do time warner cable internet settings by phone.

Now, you know that you can do the time warner cable modem and wireless router setup easily. The most important, the chance to do time warner new modem setup successfully is higher and you can finish the time warner cable modem setup without any significant difficulty.

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