How to Turn off Power Saving Mode on iPhone in Simplest Way

Why is my iPhone battery bar yellow? Does my iPhone have a problem? The answer is the power saving mode on your iPhone has been activated. This is actually good features because it can save more energy for your iPhone. However, sometimes power saving mode iPhone is only giving your problem. For example, this feature turns off many other features that your iPhone system see as not so important feature and only eat your battery energy. But, some of those features can be really important, such as notification for your favorite online game event and your schedule. If it happens, there is no other way than finding out how to turn off power save mode iPhone. So, here is the guide for you.

Manual Methods

How to Turn Off Power Save Mode iPhone

To turn off power save mode iPhone, you can do it manually. First, you need to go to Settings menu. Just open it through your usual button on your iPhone. Then scroll down until you find the Battery option. Choose that option and you will find the Low Power Mode option with a slider on its right side. Now the next steps in iPhone turn off low power mode manual method are just turn off this slide.

Once you successfully turn off the power saving mode on iPhone with this method, you can run your iPhone in a normal way like before. And, the iPhone yellow battery bar that makes you confused before, will be disappeared as well. Other than this manual method, you also can use other methods to remove this iPhone battery yellow bar.

How to Turn off Power Saving Mode iPhone

How to Turn off Power Saving Mode iPhone

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Charging the iPhone Battery

How to Turn Off Low Power Mode iPhone

This is how to turn off low power mode iPhone, for you who don’t want to be bothered with opening Settings and complicated method above. The main reason why the iPhone power save mode was turned on is your iPhone battery drop below 20%. When it reaches this battery status and the power saving mode on your iPhone has been set inactive status, this mode will be automatically turned on. And, you can see your iPhone battery bar is yellow.

So, how to turn off power save mode iPhone in this condition? The answer is simple. Charge your iPhone. Some people still have a problem with the yellow battery bar on their iPhone, even though they have charged their iPhone. However, you don’t need to worry. Once your iPhone battery level reaches 80%, the power save mode is automatically turned off and the bar turns into normal color. That’s easy steps for iPhone low power mode turn off.

Now, you know how to turn off low power mode iPhone. You don’t need to worry anymore if your iPhone battery bar turned yellow or you feel that you can’t activate your favorite app, notification, and widget. Just use the methods above, and you can solve the problem. And, it’s not as hard as turning off the Xbox one power saving mode. So, anyone can do it without a problem, even though this is your first time using iPhone or similar gadget from Apple.

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