How to Fix Error Connection Timed Out Google Chrome


Err Connection Timed Out Chrome – This may help you to fix the error on Google Chrome and possibly on other browsers where it does not allow you to connect to certain websites. This is to do with your firewall sometimes restricting access.

Today I’m going to show you how to fix the problem where you can’t connect to the website, this can happen in various browsers, it’s not just Google Chrome but hopefully, if you follow my instructions, I should be able to fix it for you. Basically is to do with your firewall, and your firewalls blocking access to certain websites anyway.



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Chrome err_timed_out

So let’s get down to it, you need to go to System Preferences, and you need to go to security, and here’s a firewall, so you need to click the padlock to enable you to edit type in the details alright and now you can edit the firewall restrictions, you click advanced and now what you need to do is add your particular browser the one that you are using to this list.

So what you need to do is press the little plus button here, and find the application in the browser. So, in this case, it’s Google Chrome, so we need to go to Google Chrome and then allow incoming connections ice all you need to do, so you click OK and click the padlock once again, and now let’s try and see if it works.

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