How to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection Centurylink Modem DSL Light Red

Centurylink Modem Internet Light Red

Welcome to CenturyLink high-speed Internet service. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that you can set up your modem, so we put together this articles to guide you through the step-by-step process. We’ll go over :

  • The equipment you need
  • How to set up your modem,
  • Tips and things to avoid

Let’s get started to check that you have all the equipment you need. If you to purchase or lease your modem from CenturyLink your kit will include, your CenturyLink modem its power adapter a green telephone cord, a yellow Ethernet cable and an installation guide you, also need to turn your computer on, and you’re ready to go here’s a tip. You might receive your modem kit before we’ve actually turned on your service, wait until after 5:00 p.m. on the service due date to set up your modem and activate your service.

If you try to set it up earlier, you may have trouble connecting to the internet, when setting up your modem for internet service, you may need to install filters that split the signal between your voice, and data services connecting any device including telephones, answering machines, caller ID, boxes satellite, TV receivers, TiVo boxes, fax machines, automatic water meters, and more to your phone jacks, without these filters can cause slower internet speeds, and even disruptions in service, make sure to either install a filter on every jack or disconnect any non filtered devices the telephone jack that connects your CenturyLink modem is the only exception as it does not require a filter.

Centurylink Modem Internet Light Red

Centurylink Modem Internet Light Red

Centurylink DSL Light Red

If you have a home security system, contact us, so a technician can install a special filter additional fees, may apply filters are not included in your modem kit, you can purchase them from Centurylink or many local electronics stores, the modem itself has a pre-filtered phone port on the back, where you can connect one phone device until you are able to acquire, and install all the filters. You will need to believe it or not the location of your modem affects, its performance picks a place for your Mota with good air circulation that won’t get too hot heat, and electronics don’t mix well.

If you plan on using your modem’s wireless capabilities a high central location, gives you a better range of coverage and you’ll get the most out of your wireless modem speed and performance by keeping some distance between it, and items like cordless phones computer monitors wireless video cameras, and even windows now that you found the perfect place for your modem. It’s time to power up first connect the power cord to the modem, and plug it in the modem automatically, turns on when it’s plugged in, waits a couple minutes, and the power light will come on, once it boots up now.

Let’s move on to connecting the cords and cables your kit comes with a green phone cord and a yellow Ethernet cable, grab the green phone cord, plug one end into the green port on the back of the modem the port will be labeled either DSL or line, it’s important not to connect with a green phone cord to the modem port labeled phone plug the other end into the phone jack on the wall, you should hear it, click when you plug it in now onto the yellow cable, even if you’re going to use the wireless capabilities of the modem, we recommend you connect the computer directly to the modem for setup plug the cable into any of the yellow ports on your modem, plug the other end into the Ethernet port on your computer, FYI the Ethernet port on your computer will look a lot like a phone jack, it’s just a little bigger once the ethernet cable is connected correctly the lights on the computer’s Ethernet port will light up.

Now it’s a good idea to double-check your modem is set up correctly the modem is plugged in, and has power the green phone cord is connected from the wall phone jack to the modem port with no filter the yellow Ethernet cable from the modem to the computer, on your modem the power light is solid green the DSL light is also solid green the internet light is either solid or blinking green, and the ethernet port number light that you’re connected to, is solid or blinking green.

Centurylink Service Troubleshooter

Centurylink Service Troubleshooter

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Centurylink Service Troubleshooter

If the lights on your modem, don’t match up with this double check your connections, and give it a couple of minutes, if they still don’t match, then contact CenturyLink internet technical support,  and remember that you can always get internet support on your mobile device and home computer well that should do it. Thanks for choosing CenturyLink you’ll be surfing the internet in no time, don’t forget to download the CenturyLink my account app where you can receive support pay your bills and even perform service management all in one location.

Why is my Centurylink DSL Light Red?

When it fully re-establishes the connection, it turns solid green. If the modem does not find the Centurylink network, the DSL light will turn RED. This can be caused by bad wiring or the modem being plugged into the wrong jack.

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