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Ritetemp Thermostat Manual – I’m going to show you how to use my ritetemp thermostats, I have this one which has problem, after I switch off all the electric, so now I’m trying to change back to the preview setting, but before I go into the detail, I found out my battery light, in the corner was shining.

So I found actually you gently remove the balton bar, you would have found the battery, nest it’s located below and you can easily change your battery, mine was kind of melted. so that’s one of the secrets since I found this one, I also realized the top one, also hide some secrets, so especially this button called reset button.

Ritetemp Thermostat Manual

So I covered everything, now let’s go to setup, so touch the screen gentle eye you will light up everything, and keep the light on, you press menu, and it will guide you to the setup page, so today it’s Monday, so I tap here, but if you are on a different day, you just tap here, alright keep tapping until you see it’s Monday, so my time is exactly 6:41 p.m., but if your time is different, then you can easily press this button to set up the time for you, and they also have different settings for swing which supposed to give you, which way you want a temperature to be gradual which the target the temperature slowly or faster, a computer which I feel very weird, I personally want to set up, alarming for change to remind me, change the future but when I try to, it doesn’t work for me.

So I would just put on my phone the calendar, so back to the setting page, if you have a different thermostat, and you want to set up them and the difference in the same way, what you can do is just click here, and it will guide you to another the different temperature to match up your second service down.

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Ritetemp Thermostat Manual

Ritetemp Thermostat Manual

If you don’t want to do it, just keep it to zero, so back to the home page, you can also change the temperature mode, basically, that’s all you can do with it, so I’m finishing, so now what I’m going to do is programming it, just press the program button, and again I want a 6 am. temperature probably a bit lower, 75 and then during the daytime, which means let’s say 9:00 a.m. I wanna the same, so then evening probably lived earlier, I want to be cool and original.

So let’s say sunny, and you’re in a myth that time, I wanted to be a little bit comfortable to be let’s say 60, and you can check back, so morning time again, it’s gonna be a little bit lower and during day same, you can deliberate lower and do whatever you want, and 5:00 p.m. lower again and that time higher to increase a little bit.

So if you wish to do it every day for the whole week, you can just copy and will become every day, the same setting and you can also review it, simply they will just show up what you just did all week, all right and then I think I’m done, sir press the home button, you all set.

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