Karkat Blood Color Hex

Fd0000 25300 ff9e00 2551580 747474 116116116 f2e000 2422240 000000 000. 9272016 Plus I kinda disagree with them on what the lime.

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Nepetas blood color matches her text color using her blood as seen here.

Karkat blood color hex. Homestuck troll hex codes. Kanayas blood color doesnt match her text color using her blood as seen here. These were eyedroppered from the comic so theyre pretty accurate sorry if there are any typos though I hate categories Also Deviantart is a bitch and resized it click download for full view c.

Blood is the same color as Caliborns and the whole extinction of the limebloods happened only on Alternia which was the version of the Troll species that was shaped by Caliborn. You are only a Fuchsia blood if the total is 117. KARKAT VANTAS carcinoGeneticist Code.

LAND DWELLING ROYALTY Violet and Red Violet are considered ROYALTY HIGH BLOOD The colors across the bottom of the chart are all PURE. GIANT HEX CODE INDEX. 772018 Color hex gives information about colors including color models rgb hsl hsv and cmyk triadic colors monochromatic colors and analogous colors calculated in color page.

The new version of my troll blood colour chart now with all text colours Meenah and Aranea and the kidssprites. Either in its hex. The lime blood color was originally alluded to when the Grand Highblood was introduced as there was a shade of green previously unaccounted for.

Also horn and skin colours. Now I think the next step is to ensure that all of the symbols for those trolls whose blood and text color arent the same match the blood color barring Karkat. In this game you will have to know the color codes on the web.

10112019 Aepokk venset 02 16 november 12 2012 utc i just checked the trolls whose text usually doesn t match their blood tavros kanaya vriska equius gamzee with those arrows and skipped the trolls whose blood matches their text and karkat of course. Coloryour color herestrongobnoxious typing quirk herestrongfont. I honestly feel like not using 696969 was a missed opportunity though.

Its somewhat obvious that it should look like Calliopes blood color. CHARACTER COLOR CODES. 000056 the makaras hex.

Need the right hex code for your character. His text color is 626262 and his symbol is usually drawn as 6c6c6c. Weve got em right here for you.

Select all COLOR626262. 6182013 I have left the color labeled as such—–HOW THE CHART WORKS. If the number is 5 or over round up.

Homestuck character text colors. Jade bloods must be between 58 and 62 since its uncommon and would be a rare occasion to get it. Welp I have a simple solution.

The existence of the color was later confirmed by Hussie andthe page was retroactively changed to feature a lighter shade of green. Lusii share these blood colors and often or always have the same blood color as their charge. This lighter shade fits in the color wheel between Solluxs yellow and Nepetas green where Karkat sits.

If the number is 4 or under round down. Post Jul 20 2011 1 2011-07-20T0345. Burgundy Umber and Ochre bloods are LOW BLOODS Yellow Green Green and Blue Green are MID BLOODS Blue Blue Violet and Purple are HIGH BLOODS.

– kids – JOHN EGBERT ectoBiologist Code. Her blood is 078446 and her text is 008141 the difference lying with the red green and blue values. Simply pick out from that MASSIVE RESOURCE a color you like then use the following template.

Select all COLOR0715cdCOLOR.

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