The Art of Trump: How Many Times Has Trump Been Married?

Wondering how many times has Trump been married? I know some of you might be wondering about the personal life of the current President of the United States (I shall be calling him POTUS for the rest of this article), and I do not blame you for that. For all of the things he did and the way he advertised himself on the television, Trump is no different than the celebrities that we all know, and because of all the attention is given to the seat, the presidency of United States is already like a celebrity game show after all (albeit with only one celebrity contestant). I will not blame you if you are at the very least curious with Trump’s personal ‘achievements’. I myself are curious about that after all.

So I conducted a brief research on the subject and I managed to gather a few information regarding Trump’s marriage history. Without further ado, let us begin with today’s topic.

How many times has Trump been married?

The exact number is pretty clear. Trump, in his whole life, married for three times, including the latest marriage with the First Lady of the United States.

Wait, Trump married how many times now? Three times?

For those of you who are surprised that Trump only married for three times, it is fine for you to think so. I mean, the dude is a billionaire with a fortune that never stopped growing, and because there are lots of gold diggers in this world, it is to be expected when one is surprised of Trump’s lack of many marriages.

Whatever the reason was, Trump only married three times. Some call this as a lot of marriages while some say that three marriages are not that much for a guy like him. Whatever side you are on, the fact is clear on the paper: Trump married for three times.

How Many Times Has Trump Been Married

How Many Times Has Trump Been Married

Who did Trump married?

Trump’s first lady was no other than Ivana Zelnickova Trump or Ivana Trump for short. Trump married the lady back in 1977, only a year after Trump met her. The marriage lasted for 15 years which is a lot, to be honest. Trump has been labeled as a cheating douche, so perhaps it lasted for 15 years because Ivana believed that Trump’s money was worth it. The marriage was filled with many rumors, with the most famous one being Ivana got paid 250,000 USD for every time she birthed his child. From this marriage, Trump was gifted with three children: Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric Trump.

Trump’s second marriage was with Marla Maples, a TV personality back then. From Marla, Trump got Tiffany.

His third and latest wedding is with the current First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. As per usual, she is a model, just like Trump’s many consorts. They met at a fashion week, and what surprised me was the fact that Melania refused Trump’s advance for her at first. She only dated him after three months from the first meeting, which is pretty odd for a man like Trump to not get accepted immediately. From her, Trump got Baron, his youngest child.

That is all about how many times had Donald Trump been married. I hope this article can give you a bit of insight and answers your how many times has Trump been a married question, mates.

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