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We also have an unofficial Homestuck Discord server available at httpsdiscordgghomestuck if you want to chat with fellow fans. Dong shouter A bell Homestuck.

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6112015 This extension should be useful for people with trouble reading troll dialogs on the Homestuck webcomic.

Homestuck troll translator. Enter your name for diagnosis. Sing loudly and without inhibition. Submit fanart cosplay and discussions of all kinds.

Daedric Script Translator Daedric Alphabet Translator Lingojam from revltbe. I cant even read your stupid troll language why would you think i can KARKAT. Based on Homestuck by Andrew Hussie.

Given that trolls typically dont bury their dead the existence of this term is odd. Want to check out the source or report issues. The wt2 language translator is worn in your ear rather than held.

I CAN TRANSLATE FOR YOU. Generator for HomestuckHiveswap typing quirks. I THINK YOU SHOULD RECONSIDER.

For example Terezis H3Y COOL K1D. 9222017 saw a poster with four trolls two of them wearing trezies and aradias symbols with the medium under the bottom right translating it i got homestuck music team so theres a little refrence I saw about that over on James Roachs twitter account recently. SERIOUSLY IT COULD REALLY EXPAND YOUR LIMITED HUMAN THINK PAN ON STUFF.

Translation and localization service in over 141 languages. A site that allows you to convert inputted text into the typing quirk of a Homestuck character. 9182020 Troll and others Quirk Generator 30.

Trolls are a very angry and violent race. Angle with a hook and line drawn through the water. The Alternian alphabet refers to character sets used in Homestuck and Hiveswap to represent the Troll language.

The Libra troll is Towbey Fawkes. This translator works based on custom fonts. HiveswapFriendsim Trolls at least the ones with identifiable quirks License.

Apr 3 2012 2 min read. 432012 blinking translation homestuck. At which hour two individuals findeth themselves in the flushd quadrant togethr those gents art hath said to beest matesprits.

Ok so in homestuck serenity starts talking in morse code heres the translation the first may be messed up cuz i couldnt copy and paste it but its pretty much it anyway. An unofficial subreddit for Homestuck Homestuck2 Hiveswap Pesterquest and the works of Andrew Hussie. The alternian alphabet refers to character sets used in homestuck and hiveswap to represent the troll language.

Troll and others now Quirk Generator 30. Matespritship is the closest parallel to the human concept of romance trolls hast. It tries to translate the trolls quirks to normal text.

This Alternian translator translates the alphabets to Alternian alphabets. THERES A LOT HERE THATS APPLICABLE TO OUR SITUATION. The trolls may have simply come up with it upon watching the humans via Trollian.

Professional translation services for 120 languages on a 247 basis. The Alternian Alphabet refers to character sets used in Homestuck and Hiveswap to represent the Troll language. Cruel Aid A drink probably like Kool Aid Hiveswap.

Some are more hot-tempered and dangerous than others to the extent that if left to their own devices they would present a serious threat to society or even to themselves. In samples given in Hivebent Troll Script is read from right to left RTL and bottom to top BTT the opposite of Latin-based scripts. Although the Trolls generally converse in English with some exceptions and use the standard Latin alphabet many pieces of graphic design books and even Homestucks overlayed game text on Alternia use the alternate Alternian.

The child trolled her hoop. Sing the parts of a round in succession. 52 rows LingoJam Homestuck Troll Translator – This translator converts troll terminology.

Becomes HEY COOL KID and Feferis W—-EW. Enable Complex Text Layout CTL if needed. Some of this behavior can be accommodated depending on the methods available.

And the Aries troll is Jaymes Roatch. Wwell like this you double the w and v in a wword no g in words with the ing endin no punctuation or capitalization and he refers to trolls by their shortened names NepetaNep FeferiFef and so on Feferi Peixes ers is like thissubstitute h with and use fish puns whenever you canalsowhen you capitalize eyou do this I AM SO -EXCIT–ED. The largest centralized Homestuck fan community.

Set text to use Right Alignment. Cause to move round and round. All tongues shall troll you.

Written using TypeScript bundled into browser-ready JavaScript code using tsify. 27 homestuck troll name Tweets Result patterns 354818880. T plays a role in the trolls reproductive cycleth just as t doest fr humans.

ILL READ THE WHOLE DAMN THING ALOUD IF YOU WANT. 11 – Adds support for Aradia Tavros fixes Eridan. But fr trolls the dare is fourfold.

Enable All Disable All. A reasonable human translation would be the concept of a soul mate but in a more platonic sense and with a more specific social purpose. Praise or celebrate in song.

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