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7132020 Which Blood Colour Are You. Hiveswap Page 17 Flying through Storytelling.

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This article is about the troll blood caste.

Homestuck blood chart. 6182013 HOW THE CHART WORKS. 2 homestuck blood colour Tweets Result patterns 110. Jul 13 2020 Total Attempts.

Meteoras Moralinis ugdymas komedija rgb color values. A Caste-based Society The Fandom Junkie. Burgundy Umber and Ochre bloods are LOW BLOODS Yellow Green Green and Blue Green are MID BLOODS Blue Blue Violet and Purple are HIGH BLOODS.

And Calliope the Muse of Space. A QUICK GUIDE TO THE TROLL HEMOSPECTRUM. LAND DWELLING ROYALTY Violet and Red Violet are considered ROYALTY HIGH BLOOD The colors across the bottom of the chart are all PURE BLOODS.

Diagnoses your blood color if you were a troll. 1 Information about each caste by color 11 Candy Red Blood 12 Burgundy Blood 13 Bronze Blood 14 Yellow Blood 15 Lime Blood 16 Olive Blood 17 Jade Blood 18 Teal Blood 19 Cerulean Blood 110 Indigo Blood 111 Purple Blood 112 Violet Blood 113 Fuchsia Blood. 10212012 Indigo Equius- 18 or 19 903 Purple Gamzee- 20 or 21 625 Violet Eridan -22 23 or 24 41 Fuchsia Feferi 24 SEE BOTTOM 06 Jade- In order to have jade colored blood if you are female both of your signs have to be Virgo.

I wanted it to. The pallettes God Tier outfits use. Troll Blood Color Chart rightBasically the same as the.

Homestuck blood chart – Zerse. These were eyedroppered from the comic so theyre pretty accurate sorry if there are any typos though I hate categories Also Deviantart is a bitch and resized it click download for full view c. Curious to find out your place on the hemospectrum.

Curious to find out your place. Empress Emperor Economic status. AUs in which the hemospectrum is flipped but the trolls blood colors are not swapped are also commonly referred to as bloodswaps.

Want to know if you are a highblood or lowblood. Equius Zahhak Pins and Buttons Redbubble. Also horn and skin colours.

They are not MUTANT. The associated denizen of the Space aspect is Echidna at least for Jade Kanaya and Calliope. The new version of my troll blood colour chart now with all text colours Meenah and Aranea and the kidssprites.

Violet blood fins and gills. Mft Printable Resources Color Charts Ink Pads Color Chart Ink Stamps. Rust Bronze Gold Lime Olive Jade Teal Blue Indigo Purple Violet Fuchsia Lime Signs are tumultuous bringing great emotion and creativity to their endeavors.

Bloodswaps are a common type of Homestuck AU in which the trolls blood colors are swapped out for another causing their social status personality and powers amongst other things to change. Known Heroes of Space are Jade Harley the Witch of Space. For the cherub blood color see HemospectrumCherub blood.

Despite the baffling decision to release in JPG form this is the most complete single-asset resource for canon Homestuck colors on the internet. Homestuck Troll blood caste by abigail campbell Hemospectrum RGB Values by TheFantasyChronicles on DeviantArt Actually if you come to think about it red is caliborns. Canon Blood Color Spectrum.

Violetbloods Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs Tumgir. Tockwork Update to my hemospectrum test. Hemospectrum MS Paint Adventures Wiki Fandom.

Homestuck 13 Questions By Xiaoxiong0101 Last updated. 29 Homestuck OCs ideas homestuck homestuck trolls. The new version of my troll blood colour chart now with all text colours Meenah and Aranea and the kidssprites.

Homestuck blood chart – Terse. A pallette of the blood colors we see in the comic itself and only those. Homestuck Kankri Vantas Rant to Karkat Openbound Genius.

Whether this is because he is a chalk drawing or this is true in. Kanaya Maryam the Sylph of Space. Porrim Maryam the Maid of Space.

6 Homestuck Tweets Result patterns 12. So 66 is valid but 57 means you have green blood. Yellow Ochre Gold Blood is the third-lowest blood color.

It is presumably Porrim s as well. I am advertising this quiz in order for people to take it.

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