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The show is an inside view on eponymous character danny an angry alcoholic middle aged man afflicted with tourette s syndrome and how his behavior and condition affect his everyday life it began as a mockumentary focusing on the tourettes guy after his failed career voicing frosted flakes cereal mascot tony the tiger. The footage made its way to the fan made tourettes guy website before being posted to the video sharing site youtube in 2004.

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As a matter of fact the fact that he has tourettes syndrome has only been mentioned once in the entire series of videos.

Touretts guy videos. Tourettes guy janitor. Bob saget is a popular comedian and his name. This video includes bob saget montage 2 rude awakening a customer inquiry drive thru troubles the head and should.

Best of the tourettes guy parts 1 4 best of the tourettes guy 1 of 4 best of the tourettes guy 1 of 4 0. In this video the tourettes guy gets the hiccups wants to know why his broom closet stinks reveals that shirlena was not his first wife gets mad at hi. The tourettes guy is a comedy web series created by jared and tony six.

Although the tourettes guy has been diagnosed as having tourettes syndrome the name the tourettes guy is simply a nick name that internet fans have given him and this is not a documentary about tourettes syndrome. The return of the tourettes guy part 1 tourettes guy the lost footage. This is the official youtube channel for the tourettes guy.

Tourette s guy is an alleged tourette s syndrome sufferer named danny who usually wears a neckbrace constantly shouts ridiculous phrases like fuck salt don t talk shit about total and uses oh bob saget as a euphemism. Part one of every tourettes guy video. A 5 1 2 minute montage of the best tourette s guy episodes.

While youtube consists of numerous tourettes guy videos uploaded by random fans other websites either provide information about him or share his most popular fads. Danny popularly known as the tourettes guy is the main protagonist of the web series of the same name danny first appeared in a set of footage from 2001 and 2002 titled tony the tiger with tourette s syndrome by series creator jared six on the website ebaumsworld. New footage of him is posted here on this channel so please subscribe if you are a fan of his.

One of the most popular videos about tourettes guy on youtube is a standup comedy clip by bob saget uploaded by comedy dynamics channel.

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