What Is Your God Tier Aspect

July 11 2013. Andrew may have written it but like fanmade god tier quizzes its only a few questions.

God Tier Ancestor Homestuck Trolls Homestuck Character Design

If TensionAnxiety is your highest take your 2nd highest.

What is your god tier aspect. If you are a gamer you must have tried out the Sburb game which is a game that is like no other. Add to library 10 Discussion 4. Even though this is an accurate quiz you may want to go through the descriptions of other aspects you think may fit you and decide for yourself.

Use the lemons to make lemonade crepes pies cake etc. Become a spokesperson for the lemon gods. It should be noted that this list assumes you have invested at least some Titans Blood in these Aspects.

But its not the best due to the fact its my first quiz. One who Creates with Space or Creates Space. If TensionAnxiety is your lowest take your 2nd lowest.

Achilles Spear Hestia Rail. 7312010 While youre at it scrutinize your Extended Zodiac quiz results as well– dont just listen to the quiz itself. Do give it a try and get to find out which one you are.

In this game one collects different aspects an in this quiz and we will get to see which aspect you have. Players achieve God Tier by gaining levels on their echeladder by winning against enemies and then dying on their Quest. 11172014 Mind is an aspect that deals with thought the mind decisions logic and communication.

If you are level 5-9 then if your TensionAnxiety is your HIGHEST factor then that is the factor your aspect corresponds to. Maids start out relying on others for their Aspect. 1082020 What Is Your Home stuck God Tier Aspect.

Study the lemons and write a book about them for the reference of others. This is a quiz to see if you are a space player. Some Aspects are better out of the box.

All Zag Aspect weapons. What Is Your Homestuck God Tier Aspect. You are kind and patient a good listener and often know how to solve your friends problems in the group and out.

Zeus Shield Hades Spear. Video Games God Tier Aspect. Whats your homestuck aspect.

Find out for yourself. For example a god tier Mage of Mind would know everybodys thoughts decisions and reasoning behind things logic. 5122015 You manipulate your aspect for the help of yourself and others.

Just For Fun Homestuck Aspect Troll Report. 10232017 What are the God Tier aspects. No it does not give a class sorry.

My personal favorite is the Chiron Bow. You are extremely strong and know how to use your aspect well. Its rare that your quiz result lines up with what you should have received given how its short and biased toward certain Aspects.

The aspects are as follows 4 are non-canon. What Is Your Homestuck God Tier Aspect. Jun 22 2018 – Which Homestuck God Tier Aspect do you have.

Theres far to few of these out there so imma put one up. Heirs tend to be assisted by their class even at a low level for instance through a helpful breeze or storm for a Breath player or an inability to be seen by higher beings for a void player. Find out with this quiz.

10192014 Eat grow and sell the lemons by utilizing what is known of them learning more about them in the process. Grow a forest of lemon trees. Add to library 121.

This being the case your power is destructive and devastating when it comes to your friends. Most accurate – Quiz. No F Tier because anything can be viable.

Dreams as an Aspect has a lot of similarities to Space given its connection to creation and to Void and Time specifically found in its connections with the dream bubbles. There are 12 God Tier aspects in Homestuck. Read the blurbs Sign Class Lunar Sway Aspect yourself and assign your own True Sign.

892013 This Bards aspect is Space and right now they are being ruled by the whims of Space. Take this alongside its sister quiz to find your God Tier. 10192014 Homestuck Aspect Whats Your God Tier God Tier Jade Harley Kanaya Porrim Calliope Maryam Kanaya Maryam Porrim Maryam What Is Your God Tier Aspect What Is Your God Tier.

If they are able to deal with all the Space and accept it instead of avoiding it like they always have theyll have completed their challenge. 5282015 Whats your god tier aspect first quiz February 17 2016 Jake english. Therefore the Mage of Mind would have expert knowledge of the Mind aspect and use it to benefit himherself.

Its an interesting Aspect and I can see why the tier the Maid of Dreams is your favorite. 212015 Whats your homestuck god tier aspect. This is a two part quiz the first one for your god tier aspect and the other for your class.

Warmth – Light Intellect – Mind. This is really cool if youve always wondered what your God Tier would be if you were a Homestuck player. 7112013 Find out what your god tier aspect is.

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