What Homestuck Blood Color Are You

Find out your blood color. LAND DWELLING ROYALTY Violet and Red Violet are considered ROYALTY HIGH BLOOD The colors across the bottom of the chart are all PURE.

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Violet Blood is the second-highest color of blood in the hemospectrum and is the first of two that exclusively belongs to sea-dwelling trolls which are noted for their ability to breathe underwater fin-like protrusions from their neck and collapsing and expanding bladder based aquatic vascular system which is merely a fancy term for the heart.

What homestuck blood color are you. If not heres a list just look for the day you were born on. Either in its hex format or with its assessment on the rgb scale. Add to library 7 Discussion 15.

Diagnoses your blood color if you were a troll. Troll blood colors homestuck. Homestuck Quadrants 15922 heehee 3.

You are only a Fuchsia blood if the total is 117. Find out where you sit on the hemospectrum based on your real life. Blood Color Blood Colour Hiveswap.

1112016 What is your troll blood color. Hemotyping is a tradition in troll society and potentially amongst cherubs where a person uses their blood color for writing and as the color of their symbol. 22 June 22 July Cancer 4.

Basically this is just a random quiz about what color your blood would be if you were a troll in Homestuck. 7132020 Which Blood Colour Are You. Find out which blood colour you are amongst the trollsUses coloUrs and mayhem blood colour names 7 Homestuck Trolls by CasulMaus.

10212012 Indigo Equius- 18 or 19 903 Purple Gamzee- 20 or 21 625 Violet Eridan -22 23 or 24 41 Fuchsia Feferi 24 SEE BOTTOM 06 Jade- In order to have jade colored blood if you are female both of your signs have to be Virgo. Troll kevin james has bronze blood as do some or all cavalreapers. Add to library 5 Discussion 9.

On the right is the numerical value of the sign for the test note it bold. Its extremely hard to get high blood because of their rarity but come and try. However Hussie later stated that the one missing blood color.

Blood Color Blood Colour Hiveswap. If the number is 5 or over round up. 1022017 What color is your blood.

This quiz assesses your caste based on personality and luck. What Is Your Blood Color. So Ive figured out my own using all of the things I feel should be taken into account.

So 66 is valid but 57 means you have green blood. Just For Fun Personality Color Colour Blood Homestuck. Jul 13 2020 Total Attempts.

October 2 2017 being active hmmm idk her. 255 0 0 aradia hex. Curious to find out your place on the hemospectrum.

ALSO since there are only ten spots Im getting rid of MagentaFeferi and RedKarkat because there is only one troll with Fefs blood besides herEmpress and since Karkat is a mutant I doubt there would be a bunch of them. Burgundy Umber and Ochre bloods are LOW BLOODS Yellow Green Green and Blue Green are MID BLOODS Blue Blue Violet and Purple are HIGH BLOODS. If the number is 4 or under round down.

Yellow ochre gold blood is the third lowest blood color. 15060 people diagnosed 6 Homestuck Tweets Result patterns 12. Ive seen several different blood color calculators but they all seem to have something wrong with them.

6182013 I have left the color labeled as such—–HOW THE CHART WORKS. 21 April 21 May Taurus 2. Jul 20 2013 4 min read.

October 2 2017 being active hmmm idk her. 21 March 20 April Aries 1. 22 May 21 June Gemini 3.

772018 In this game you will have to know the color codes on the web. Find out your blood color. Though the lime caste was not mentioned in the comic until Act 6 a page from Act 5 depicting various troll blood colors displays a color unaccounted for among the Homestuck trolls.

The color depicted in this panel was initially a shade of green somewhere between olive and jade where there is the largest gap in the color wheel. Homestuck 13 Questions By Xiaoxiong0101 Last updated. While most of the trolls practice hemotyping Karkat due to his mutant blood color refuses to partake in hemotyping which causes Vriska to refer to Karkats text as lame gray anonymity.

Want to know if you are a highblood or lowblood. 3112019 Rust bronze gold lime olive jade teal blue indigo purple violet fuchsia the bronze blood caste is one of the twelve troll blood castes. Yourcoolgrandma published on January 11 2016 301 responses 19.

7202013 Homestuck Blood Color Calculator. I am advertising this quiz in order for people to take it. Roxy lalonde homestuck color palette created by animatron that consists 00164f 033476 ff6ef3 ffffff 000000 colors.

I hope you enjoy and sorry if its not all that accurate. Just For Fun Personality Color Colour Blood Homestuck. Homestuck Blood Color 15060.

What color is your blood. 23 July 22 August Leo 5. Violet blooded trolls tend to be more violent.

Jade bloods must be between 58 and 62 since its uncommon and would be a rare occasion to get it. Html element samples are also shown below the color detail page.

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