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In a world of infinite possibilities and infinite branching choices we have an exploration of one such branch not taken. To avoid stepping on any toes please tell me which flavor youd like her to associate with her character.

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She only types with the numbers 1 3 and 4.

Terezi typing quirk. He doesnt approve of using numbers instead of letters. Sounds with and loo. KARKAT CAPITALIZES ALL LETTERS TEREZI DOES THIS ALSO BUT HER QUIRK IS NOT CENTERED AROUND THE TYPING STYLE LIKE KARKATS IS.

You can create a typing style for your troll as their quirk. And then under Cronuss quirk into vwvw. The only revealed Hiveswap typing quirk to use numbers is that of Tirona Kasund.

Fanfiction Trolls Typing Quirks Woot Report. 4ll c4ps or 4ll lowerc4s3 wh3n wh1sp3r1ng l33tsp34k A I 4nd E r3pl4c3d by 4 1 4nd 3 r3sp3ct1v3ly. Want to check out the source or report issues.

Wanna be a Homestuck trollThen Learn their quirks. Terezi is also very very good at reading people- its part of her role in canon. Current version dequirks Aradia Tavros Sollux Nepeta Terezi Equius Gamzee Eridan and Feferi to varying degrees.

Troll and others now Quirk Generator 30. A site that allows you to convert inputted text into the typing quirk of a Homestuck character. Trolls Typing Quirks WOOT TereziLatula Pyrope.

A quirk is a distinct way of typing. Written using TypeScript bundled into browser-ready JavaScript code using tsify. Like the other eleven trolls Feferi uses a certain typing quirk namely turning uppercase e into a TRID—ENT and turning h into.

This is seen twice in canon. Unquirk removes the trolls typing quirks allowing for an easier read. Like the other eleven trolls Feferi uses a certain typing quirk namely turning uppercase e into a TRIDENT and turning h into.

He frequently calls his friends by two-letter abbreviations of their names eg. There will of course be a permissions post so people can opt out of her typing quirk. Level 2 do something awesome.

GaMzEe TyPeS lIkE tHiS. Troll and others now Quirk Generator 30. Generate text in the style of a Homestuck characters typing quirk.

Terezi uses numbers instead of letters. Karkat becomes KK Terezi becomes TZ etc HS 13 HS 14 His introduction mirrors Daves his astrological sign is Gemini. These generally relate to personality and tone rather than interests or.

Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. Thats not Terezis typing quirk. I hate typing Gamzees quirk but you get the idea.

Morph under Eridans quirk into ww. The no-typing-quirk-appplied original text of each line is always saved so dont worry about for example writing a line in Eridans quirk changing the speaker to Cronus and having a single w. Make Homestuck more readable.

HiveswapFriendsim Trolls at least the ones with identifiable. How is that Terezis typing quirk. Sm1l13s h4v3 4ngl3d mouths br4ck3ts r4th3r th4n th3 norm4l p4r3nth3s3s w1th 4 gr34ter-th4n symbol r3pr3s3nt1ng h3r horns or 3y3brows.

Summary A Hero is multi-faceted. In place of an or of. In canon Terezi associates peoples typing quirks and presumably would do this in person with people whose text she hasnt seen with certain flavors.

My homestuck typing quirk would literally just be how crudely I misspell every word on laptops bc I rely too heavily on my phones auto correct Im laughing homestuck hs typing quirks its not even funny Its just so insanely true. Sh3 do3s us3 comm4s qu3st1on m4rks 4nd. Karkat Vantas HIS IS THE FUCKING EASIESTALL CAPSSIMPLE ENOUGHGOODYOU FUCKING PRICKS.

Otherwise she uses excellent syntax. The only numbers that represent two letters at once in quirks is 1 which in Rufioh Mituna and Terezis quirks represents the letter i while in Equius Zahhaks quirk it can represent L. An Archive of Our Own a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Except the prefix change quirk is basically the same as Equiuss. Sollux speaks with a severe lisp and his typing quirk reflects this. 9182020 Troll and others Quirk Generator 30.

12232018 Terezi Pyrope Nepeta Leijon Feferi Peixes Sans Papyrus Flowey Annoying Dog and thatll be all Like the other eleven trolls Feferi uses a certain typing quirk namely turning uppercase e into a TRIDENT and turning h into. Generator for HomestuckHiveswap typing quirks. What if Terezi did not join Dirk on his ship instead choosing to join up.

I understand that some people find the text difficult or irritating to read. Terezi Pyrope H3RS IS L1K3 L33T SP34KALL CAPSA4 E3 AND I1 SOO T3R3Z1S QU1RK IS PR3TTY 34SY. Nepeta Leijon is a Supportive Character of HereWeStand Roleplay.

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