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The Thief class is known for lacking on their aspect before the game occurs but also wanting it. A prince of blood would be able to both destroy blood and destroy with blood.

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A Prince of Blood would be a very freeing claspect.

Prince of blood homestuck. 9302014 The Prince of Blood is one who destroys blood and bonds and destroys with them. The Prince of Life will also have a unique and dangerous power that should only be used in the most dire situations. They are destructive in every sense of the word and for sure great forces to be reckoned with.

So a Prince of Blood is one who destroys the bonds unity and loyalty and. This can be good or bad depending upon their aspect. By inscribing specific runic circles or contracts written in blood the Mage of Blood is capable of summoning a blood bound object.

Well thats the literal iteration anyway. They can use their own blood or the blood of others as a vicious weapon. Prince of Blood The Prince class is the active destruction class meaning that he destroys his aspect.

As a person a prince usually lacks their aspect and shows the opposite aspect. The Prince of time is one who either destroys time itself or destroys with it. With the main meaning of blood being bonds the prince will either break or make teams.

With this knowledge they can use magic in-game abilities to bind objects in a blood summoning circle. By this I mean heshe would either destroy blood and cause a team to fall apart or they would destroy with blood and form theoretically unbeatable teams with the. 1162014 And the Prince of Blood thee who destroys social bonds Blood and relationships.

The ability to use his own life force to destroy other life forces. Blood is said to mean Unity Bonds Pacts and Loyalty. Now a Seer of Blood is one who invites the Change through the Bonds Pacts and Loyalty that a team has and also one that Manipulates the Unity and Loyalty between the team.

862017 Prince of Blood-What this means essentially is that the Prince of Blood would be able to destroy responsibility obligation and ties or things that keep you anchoredThis could mean that the Prince of Blood would be able to break binding promises obligations and responsibility. A Prince of Blood would not be a very nice person. If they are able to get past their own pessimistic self hatred that they all seem to share.

Its counterpart could be Breath. At the beginning of their quest people must find them annoying because they are people who will like to stick around theyll have to learn about liberty. Control over time itself and the purity of the timeline.

552015 A Prince of Blood in the literal sense is going to make all of the blood in your body die which is bad because that means dying. It is the counterpart to the passive destruction class. 862017 Bard of Blood-The Bard of Blood is one who allows bonds to be destroyed.

The real thing is that a Prince could make a relationship end which is really dangerous since Sburb requires team work to become a successful team. Examples being Eridan being hopeless and angry the whole time lacking hope and having rage Dirk being very stoic and straightforward with how to do things lacking heart and having mind and Kurloz being a generally chill happy dude lacking rage and having hope in the form of happiness and good. They more they attack and draw blood the more they can destroy.

Along with being able destroy any bond they or anyone else has made. Lords possess the combined powers of all of the active basic classes Knight Mage Thief Witch Maid and Prince. They are the most active of all the classes and little is known about.

Lords are the active half of the two Master Classes and their counterparts are the more passive Muses. 4282016 The Mage of Blood has very deep knowledge concerning blood connections and the material world. In this case the aspect being destroyed is Blood which has to do with responsibility obligation and ties or things that keep you anchored.

1 Information about each caste by color 11 Candy Red Blood 12 Burgundy Blood 13 Bronze Blood 14 Yellow Blood 15 Lime Blood 16 Olive Blood 17 Jade Blood 18 Teal Blood 19 Cerulean Blood 110 Indigo Blood 111 Purple Blood 112 Violet Blood 113 Fuchsia Blood 2 Trivia Candy Red Bloodis an extremely rare mutation on AlterniaKarkat Vantas his ancestorthe. One who destroys their aspect or one who destroys with their aspect. The Thief Of Light Vriska Serket lacked luck that she so desperately craved considering she relied upon it with her dice and flarping.

A fully developed Prince truly lacks their aspect and works around this. Eridan the Prince of Hope loses his own Hope which he believed he did not have. They also can cause destruction through their bonds.

As well as letting the bonds they do keep hurt and destroy others. Unlike a Sylph who would give advice which would be ignored by the stubborn Prince and questioned relentlessly by the Witch the Maid of Blood is a maid of their aspect in that they take care of all the odds and ends that come from it allowing the relationship to not spiral out of control. They can stop the flow of time by literally destroying it.

Controls blood controls through blood. Princes grow through their aspect by cutting away their aspect from themselves and realizing that theyve had it all along. Breath being the Direction of a team and Blood being about the Unity between that team.

What this means essentially is that the Prince of Blood would be able to destroy. The concept of this power is that if the Princes powers are not working or not effective enough he will be able to destroy through the use of his own life force. Metaphorically it represents patience.

They allow friendships and partnerships to deteriorate by not keeping up their own end of it. All in all Princes are absolutely tough violently stubborn unbending and sometimes pessimistic people. Meaning whatever bonds they do keep wouldnt be very healthy.

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