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Color name Jade hex code 02b74a contains symbol and 6 letters or numbersIn a RGB color space HEX 02B74A is composed of 08 red 718 green and 29 blue. Color name Jade hex code 469489 contains symbol and 6 letters or numbers.

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Thankfully the HEX value for jade green is simple.

Jade hex code. In the CMYK color model used in the printing process the composition is 53 Cyan 0 Magenta 7 Yellow and 42 key black. PANTONE P 139-7 C CMYK Color Guide Coated 00977B 83. PANTONE 7481 U Solid Color UnCoated 00A85E 94.

1 168 Add a useful notedescription about this color. 00 A8 and 6B. The code you need to input is 00a86b.

Thus as per the RGB system the best contrast to BFDFA5 color is offered by C5A5DF. The complement of Light Jade is Wisteria with the hex code C5A5DF. The decimal RGB color code is rgb 0168107.

Hex color Codes gives the color Chooser by clicking and dragging your cursor inside the picker area to highlight a color on the right. Also because jade green is so opulent you dont need a lot of it to achieve such an effect. Jade is a rich color and as such it can add instant and unexpected sophistication to just about any space.

The RGB Values and Percentages for Jade Green Each system has a different value or percentage of colors that make up every color in the graphic design. 40e0d0 hex color red value is 64 green value is 224 and the blue value of its RGB is 208. Complementary colors are those found at the opposite ends of the color wheel.

This color was named with the keyword Jade by the users. Jade 00a86b Hex Color Code The color jade with hexadecimal color code 00a86b is a medium dark shade of green-cyan. RGB value is 0168107.

The complementary color palette is. PANTONE P 130-7 U CMYK Color Guide Uncoated 00A351 93. CSS Gradient using analagous colors for named color Jade hex code 00A86B.

00A86B or 0x00A86B is unknown color. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 00 red 0256 a A8 green 168256 and a 6B blue component 107256. The hexadecimal RGB code of Jade color is 00A86B.

Cylindrical-coordinate representations also known as HSL of color 40e0d0 hue. 476 color RGB value is 25500. The process color four color CMYK of 40e0d0 color hex is 071.

It is this emerald-like color that you will find on most home dcor items and paints labeled jade. 40e0d0 color RGB value is 64224208. 072 and the lightness value of 40e0d0 is 056.

In the RGB color model 00a86b is comprised of 0 red 6588 green and 4196 blue. All values must be between 00 and FF. PANTONE 7481 C Solid Color Coated 00BA6E 96.

Convert colour Jade to RGB Hex Pantone RAL or CMYK. Complementary Palette The complement of Jade is Pink Raspberry with the hex code A8003D. Thus as per the RGB system the best contrast to 00A86B color is offered by A8003D.

Complementary colors are those found at the opposite ends of the color wheel. Input Hex values to search for a particular color in the fields below the color swatch. In the CMYK color model used in the printing process the composition is 99 Cyan 0 Magenta 60 Yellow and 28 key black.

In a RGB color space HEX 469489 is composed of 275 red 58 green and 537 blue. Natural nephrite can be light green dark green blue brown red black or white. Sum of RGB RedGreenBlue 0168107275 36 of max value 765.

Jadeite is rarer as it is only found in a dozen spots globally. RRGGBB where the RR red GG green and BB blue hexadecimal integers specify the components of the color. A hexadecimal color is specified with.

40e0d0 color name is Turquoise color. HTML CSS or hex color code for color Jade. 5112020 It wasnt until 1863 that French mineralogist Alexis Damour determined that what was traded as jade was actually two different types of mineral.

Similar Matching Pantone colors for Jade Color Hex code 00bb59 00B74F 98. Click the swatch to add it to your palette.

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