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Cinius Maiken his Trollian handle being certifiedCaregiver is a male jade blooded troll. Once a troll has nearly reached the end of their lifespan changing exponentially as they.

Momestuck The Hemospectrum A Friend Was Wondering About The

Jadebloods are a little unique in the fact that they are much rarer than they should be for their place on the hemospectrum.

Jade blood trolls. I also had to take in account that the jade blood color is rare but the odds of getting jade with the distribution unadjusted are extremely high so i figured out a way to make it work so it makes sense. Another important thing to learn about is the Hemospectrum and blood caste. Jade Blood is rare among trolls and trolls with this blood color are given a unique role in troll society.

Today is the day that lusus pick the grubs they will raise. The journey to post-scratch session takes 3 years so beta kids and trolls are 16 years whatever this equals to in sweeps respectively for trolls old in most of Act 6. Troll tears are apparently the same colour as their blood though more diluted in colour.

Refers to the many colours of the troll hemospectrum. Homestuck is a webcomic written illustrated and animated by American author and artist Andrew Hussie and is the fourth overall webcomic published on MS. 13 The names of the twelve trolls all of which have twelve letters divided equally into six-lettered names and six-lettered surnames were also suggested by Homestuck readers but they were the last instance of user input as Homestuck.

She has a heavy distaste for highbloods specifically violet bloods and sees her mission in life to cull and drink the blood of as many violets as she can. Jade blood though not particularly high is quite rare and even warrants the protection of a Virgin Mother Grub. Jade Blood is rare among trolls and trolls with this blood color are given a unique role in troll society.

Jade blood is second-rarest Lime blood used to be very common before being hunted to extinction The genetic material of trolls with a more passionate matespritship or kismesis gives the traits of the donors more dominance in the incestuous slurry while weaker relationships exhibit more recessive traits. The horns a wriggler has will be the same horns they will have until they die of course with the exception of them breaking just with the ends longer and a longer red portion. However they grow like trees.

I want to see how many Fuchsia blooded trolls will have to fight over the throne now giggles. On Beforus they were a predominantly female caste and their duties also included caring for wigglers. That would make me very happy.

She mutters looking over each of them. Usually the lower down the more prolific the caste is while the higher up the fewer. She is looking at the leftover grubs that will be culled in a few hours because they have no lusus poor little ones.

On Beforus they were a predominantly female caste and their duties also included caring for wigglers. So far she has only committed 4 successful cullings of this kind but its enough for her to feel she can claim bragging rights Her typing style is a reference. Pretty cool I think.

My value was 6 so my troll blood colour would be Jade Kanayas. In the past jade blooded auxiliatrices were tasked to tend to the Mother Grubs in the brooding caverns. A Guide to Troll Hemospectrum and the Alternian Blood Caste System.

Thank you for taking the test. It plays a large role in society and affects how trolls act along with their powers. In the past jade blooded auxiliatrices were tasked to tend to the Mother Grubs in the brooding caverns.

As a troll matures their horns grow. I you liked it reblog it with your result. Rainbow drinkers are stated by Kanaya to be clearly distinct from shadow droppers.

The troll equivalent of a vampire a jade-blooded troll who has drank the blood of other trolls. A Jade blood troll walks around looking at what is left of the young grubs. His associated zodiac sign is the Circinus Drafting Compass.

Each troll also has an astrological sign which carries their blood color and reflects their personality. Homestuck troll information Jade Blood. 3112019 Depicting various troll blood colors displays a color unaccounted for among the homestuck trolls.

Vindic Homste is a jade blood troll who has now become a rainbow drinker. The jade blood caste is one of the twelve troll blood castes higher than olive and succeeded by teal. 10212012 With jade bloods they are stated to be rare as their purpose is to attend to the mother grub and there is no need for a ton of trolls to do that.

He is one of the very few male jade bloods to exist but he currently isnt doing his duties. He is well kind of but he has taken two trolls under his wing until they reach a mature. Trolls lower on the hemospectrum are more likely to have psychic powers but are more psychically susceptible as a result.

1144 seems like that might be an accurate representation if only 1144 people had blue eyes people would consider that rare. Any other shades of green including jade go in CategoryGreenJade Blood. Their skin can glows white and their eyes yellow and they are naturally unaffected or.

Many of the Jade Signs were actually shown in Homestuck prior to the reveal of the complete official extended zodiac making them the only non-traditional extended zodiac signs to appear in the comic proper. He is a Maid of Light and the matesprit to Giarua Talius. As the troll ages their horns naturally blend colors.

Is Homestuck a game. This category is for trolls with lime blood.

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