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I didnt try copy your guide. Universe A as well as the in-comic pages where Gamzee and Jane were selling troll blood.

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No no no no not again.

Indigo blood homestuck. Indigo blood AKA Blue blood. Darkleer an archeradicator also appears to have worked as an executioner. However its not uncommon to see a 6-sweep old olive blood and a 6-sweep old indigo blood to have a vast height difference.

Ambitious and driven they have a very specific path in mind to reach the pinnacle of their field and will work tirelessly toward it. Blood color and height. 2132021 Indigo bloods are the core of the Blue Blooded nobility.

Height generally varies among trolls so theres no constant among the spectrum. I wrote mine myself and the only other guide I used was the one on the wiki. They have vast lifespans the shortest of which reaches approximately 600 sweeps.

They are considered part of the nobility and as such they have a traditional rivalrymutual kismesissitude with the sea-dwelling trolls. Configure Fingerprint so Sites Define You as You Want. The name indigo was introduced by coloUrs and mayhem.

Use an Unlimited Number of Profiles from One Device Without Blocking. Indigo Blood is the second-highest tier of blood amongst the land-dwelling trolls. Not gain why not again please no let it be a dream.

A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. Regarding my hemospectrum guide. Dont say we didnt warn you.

Let it be lie let it be a prank no matter how sick just dont let it be real. Rarer still than cerulean bloods indigo bloods are stronger physically than ceruleans and have no psychic abilities however all higher castes endeavor to be very well educated. 9232017 An unofficial subreddit for Homestuck Hiveswap and the works of Andrew HussieD-Clussie.

The known indigo-bloods have a great skill with robotics. Trolls with indigo blood form the higher tier of bluebloods. Use an Unlimited Number of Profiles from One Device Without Blocking.

At six sweeps lowbloods look most their age especially in the case of Aradia. You were hiding in the closet of your hive or home as you called it. Gemcer – Prospit Blood Lime Signs.

The largest centralized Homestuck fan community. Horuss Zahhak also has indigo blood and shares his great strength with Equius although this is stated to be because he is a bodybuilder amongst other endeavours. Has also been used.

Submit fanart cosplay and discussions of all kinds. 862017 I put all of my credit of information to HomeStuck Wiki The Hemospectrum is the spectrum of blood colors possessed by Trolls1 which forms part of their caste system with social and biological implicationsThe blood of a Lusus2 appears to be the same color as its associated troll implying that it is a large factor in the selection of a lususAndrew Hussie3has confirmed. In Homestuck this caste was generally referred to as b100 along with cobalt and teal.

However the term cerulean. I was kinda trying to make kind of a mini-version of that one for quick reference so I could have have the hexcodes and stuff in one place. Configure Fingerprint so Sites Define You as You Want.

Was used on coloUrs and mayhem. Cancer – Prospit Blood Camino – Prospit Doom Canus – Prospit Breath Canrist – Prospit Time Cansci – Prospit Life Cannius – Prospit Hope Canicorn – Prospit Rage Canittanius – Prospit Void Canpio – Prospit Light Canra – Prospit Mind Cango – Prospit Space Canlo – Prospit Heart. We also have an unofficial Homestuck Discord at httpsdiscordgghomestuck if you want to chat with fellow fans.

Rust Bronze Gold Lime Olive Jade Teal Blue Indigo Purple Violet Fuchsia Purple Signs are the workaholics of the sign classes. Aradia became an indigo blood when her ghost inhabited the soulbot Equius constructed for her and she became much more violent a trait absent from the lowblooded castes. They appear to have a military role in the ruffiannhilators and archeradicators.

Indigo bloods tend to be male. In Homestuck this color was generally referred to simply as blue alongside teal and indigo.

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