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Heres a step-by-step process of how to determine a Classpect Profile all 12 roles. 002366 color RGB value is 035102.

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Added doc scratch now with dark green bg as per latest updates.

Homestuck void colors. I will use myself as an example. Color Hex RGB 000000 000 204020 326432 1c3923 285735 242d26 364538 542252 843482. One who Understands with Void or Understands Void.

Yes I do read all of your comments just sayingThirteenth song in Volume Four of Homestuck. As a result they gain a unique understanding of what their Aspect is or does. Hero of Void God Tier Hoodie as worn by Roxy Lalonde the Rogue of Void.

I 8EG your. I wish i Understood the meaning of. These pages are part of The Color Spot at HTML Station of december.

Hero of Void Aspect color palette created by freaksofme that consists 0d1b4a00236600135d00096f7b5f49 colors. Dont you look nice. So many times Ive heard obviously on Tumblr that Hussie said that we can choose whatever skin colour we want fkr the kids and I was like okay whatever but while rereading Homestuck for the ten millionth time I noticed that the trolls mention that theyre white pink So idk where people assumed that they were anything else.

I always did like the rogue outfit. 100 and the lightness value of 002366 is 020. 8252013 Mage of Void.

They are also all associated with the color red Aradia Damara and Caliborn having red blood and Dave having a red text color as well as red eyes. Im so fuckin flattered. Soon i fear it will be completely black and the kingdom will be shroUded in darkness.

And needless to say Im quite partial the void color scheme. You can use a quick reference table to see the other charts and information available. Gold Signs are the reigning geniuses of the sign class spectrum and chances are they know it.

The process color four color CMYK of 002366 color hex is 100 066 000 060. Mages will uniquely experience their Aspect both good and bad. 80 cotton 20 polyester.

Click on the color set closest to the hue that you want and youll see a chart with color names and hex codes. Homestuck rpers are you tired of your text formatting not working do you hate having to constantly look up html or hex codes well i am here to solve all your problems behold. Witty and widely read they enjoy conversation and debate even when that conversation gets a little one-sided.

The colors on that end screen are inexact but the juxtaposition against. One of the bad endings in Volume 3 leaves the protagonist covered in various troll blood colors among them lime suggesting that they were still present during the Hiveswap era. You can use the Hues Hub to choose the hex code from among 4800 unnamed colors.

1 Divide the aspects into 6 complementary pairsopposites. When i sleep and visit prospit i see nothing bUt storm cloUds in skaia now. 862017 I put all of my credit of information to HomeStuck Wiki The Hemospectrum is the spectrum of blood colors possessed by Trolls1 which forms part of their caste system with social and biological implicationsThe blood of a Lusus2 appears to be the same color as its associated troll implying that it is a large factor in the selection of a lususAndrew Hussie3has confirmed.

Canittanius – Prospit Void Canpio – Prospit Light Canra – Prospit Mind Cango – Prospit Space Canlo – Prospit Heart Cancen – Derse Blood Camini – Derse Doom Canun – Derse Breath Canries – Derse Time Cansces – Derse Life Canrius – Derse Hope Caniborn – Derse Rage Canittarius – Derse Void Canpia – Derse Light. 222015 In my previous post I posited a theory that all standard classes and aspects can describe an individual beyond the Hero Title and subrole. Their challenge is to become open to new insight or different perspectives than their own.

My great big lovely ball of blUe has been cloUding over. Sagittanius The Nascent True Sagittarius The Engineer. 002366 hex color red value is 0 green value is 35 and the blue value of its RGB is 102.

Cylindrical-coordinate representations also known as HSL of color 002366 hue. We make every effort to give you accurate information regarding manufacturer reported sizing information and dimensions for our products. GUYS ITS MAKE HER A MEMBER OF THE MIDNIGHT CREW.

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