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AN- So Im going to start doing Homestuck fanfics more frequently than I do now. Generator for HomestuckHiveswap typing quirks.

This seems to be pretty much the only real rule as the creator said this about the names.

Homestuck troll text. You dont see any of the canon trolls doing that. The lusus gurgles some incomprehensible monster noise and the closest pair of 6 letter words matching the. Despite perhaps meaning to give the impression of an inscrutable alien language such messages are still in English simply with the letters swapped for the Alternian symbols in Homestuck and using the Daedric alphabet the text.

There are tons of thoughts and some I do get from other people. Still you dont have to stick by this. Although the Trolls generally converse in English with some exceptions and use the standard Latin alphabet many pieces of graphic design books and even Homestucks overlayed game text on Alternia use the alternate Alternian.

Meaning dont be copying and pasting symbols for every letter. In Homestuck all young trolls have first and last names that are 6 letters long. The closest thing is Meulin and her emoticons.

Trolltype is a lightweight font that tries to emulate penstroke. Homestuck character text colors. Well I have a solution to that too.

Not compatible with Hiveswaps alphabet. Websites which means it is not meant to be read from bottom to top as in the comic. This text is an update.

In canon Hussie uses the genetic sequence for DNA for all trolltagschumhands- TGAC or in a more homestuck-related order GCAT. A converter to fancier types and unicode fonts. TrollType a font for Homestuck Trolls.

It is also the font by which the Horrorterrors apparently communicate with their protges as seen when Rose asks the magic cueball for information about the Horrorterrors true alignment. I think its necessary to give you readers Who should comment more oftenI feel alone a littleguide to how I believe the trolls in the series work. Generate text in the style of a Homestuck characters typing quirk.

You are the troll. A program that translates the text you insert or write into the troll quirk you desire. Troll Text Creator Put whatever you want to say in there then use the color cheats below to color and font it and voila.

Troll and others now Quirk Generator 30. In Homestuck a typing quirk is also reflective of the way a person speaks in real life with Karkat Vantas capitalisation carrying over to his loud manner of talking and Eridan Amporas strange quirk described as a vvery wweird and sort of wwavvy soundin accent. Trolls have a complicated reproductive cycle.

Want to check out the source or report issues. To a very long webcomic called Homestuck explaining the stark differences between human and Troll reproduction in a. 10112019 Troll first and last names are always six letters long and an adult title is eight letters long both are displayed as 66 or 88 x8 for reference the gcat rule refers to trolltags meaning that the acronym of a trolltag must contain the letters g c a.

The text in Roses Grimoire for Summoning the Zoologically Dubious is written entirely using Mister Twiggy. Respectively these pages also feature a green Y and a red X character both rotated 180. Homestuck Translation Assistance – These scripts convert typing quirks into plain text similarly to Remove Troll Quirks.

This allows for all such messages to be easily translated and they usually but not always match up with any given English translations in the page text. Undo redo forward backward flip flip delete clear. To use these scripts bookmark them with a browser Google Chrome or Firefox is recommended and then click on the bookmarks when you want to convert a page into plain text.

Trolls are also known to. Allows you to apply multiple quirks at once though its outdated compared to. Though we kind of recommend you use fonts instead this converter quickly gives you images of Old Alternian written backwards too.

This is just the Zalgo text tool tweaked by Mozai to be more suitable to your grimdark uses. In Homestuck an inverted version of the Daedric alphabet is used to represent the troll language. You are the troll it is you.

As such trolls dialog is rendered with the same characters used in their quirks over text. It is designed to work withing the limitations of word processors.

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