Homestuck Rust Blood

Violet blooded trolls tend to be more violent. Rust blood AKA Burgundy blood.

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Doc Scratch places the typical lifespan of a troll with rust blood at just a dozen or two sweeps.

Homestuck rust blood. Despite its in-game description saying it is used to create medkits it never was used for that. 3112019 In homestuck the term rust is often used to refer to low blood colors in general. This blood color is also known to exist in cherubs and is possessed by CalibornLord English.

Build 90483 Blood could be obtained from Airdrops and Barrels. Also horn and skin colours. Aries – Derse Time Arsces – Derse Life Arrius – Derse Hope Ariborn – Derse Rage Arittarius – Derse Void Arpia – Derse Light Arza – Derse Mind Arga – Derse Space Aro – Derse Heart Arcen – Derse Blood Armini – Derse Doom Arun – Derse Breath Arist – Prospit Time Arsci – Prospit Life Arnius – Prospit Hope.

According to the Homestuck 2012 Calander if. Rust has been used on a music album but in the comic rust was used to simultaneously refer to Aradia and Tavros. A rust bloods lusus would likely be a land animal of a more tame variety and would not be extremely large or dangerous nor would they require much effort to feed.

Rust bloods commonly have psychic powers. It had no function but it was inferred that the developer team was working on a functionality for this item. Multiply your two numbers together to get your blood type number then look at the ranges below to find out what blood type youd be.

Homestuck troll information Jade Blood. Karkat is the Knight of Blood. Mixed troll girl adopts 33 SOLD.

I doubt there s a homestuck out there who doesn t at least occasionally think about what it would be like to be a troll but you d never truly know what it would be life for you unless you. Information accurate as of. A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together.

Most other species in Homestuck have this blood color chiefly humans leprechauns and carapacians. Rustdark red blood rust includes both Aradias and Tavross castes but there is no canon name for Aradias blood caste. Dont say we didnt warn you.

About 12-24 sweepsAbout 30-60 years. Tell the world of this Comic. Usually the lower down the more prolific the caste is while the higher up the fewer there are.

Hussie has already stated that the only troll blood colors that exist are the ones we have seen in the comic lime. Slam dunk the Pogs and grab the grey paint. The new version of my troll blood colour chart now with all text colours Meenah and Aranea and the kidssprites.

It resembles human blood in real life rather than the candy red. However it was eventually removed and it cant be found anywhere in the game. Rustblood James Roach and Toby Fox Homestuck.

Burgundy Blood is the lowest blood caste in existence. Most other species in Homestuck have this blood color chiefly humans leprechauns and carapacians. This color sets them as the malevolent mind in their body.

Bronze blood AKA Brown and Umber blood. Maid Dirk in my kitchen. Violet Blood is the second-highest color of blood in the hemospectrum and is the first of two that exclusively belongs to sea-dwelling trolls which are noted for their ability to breathe underwater fin-like protrusions from their neck and collapsing and expanding bladder based aquatic vascular system which is merely a fancy term for the heart.

2132021 Rust bloods tend to live in rural areas secluded from other trolls far away from the urban centers and lawnrings where high castes live but close enough to meet other lowbloods. Very likely to have psychic powers but also very psychically susceptible. Kankri referred to the color as burgundy.

Jadebloods are a little unique in the fact that they are much rarer than they should be for their place on the hemospectrum. Rust blood is a dark red color similar to the red associated with oxidised iron. Presented for human blood in Homestuck.

These were eyedroppered from the comic so theyre pretty accurate sorry if there are any typos though I hate categories Also Deviantart is a bitch and resized it click download for full view c. Both have also managed to unite trolls of different blood colors against a common threat. Join Now Create Post.

RustBurgundy The average lifespan would be less than a humans as low as 30 human years or approximately 14 sweeps. More mixed blood homestuck trolls 15 OPEN AUD Ironicmemeing. Pesterquest Redraw.

If one looks.

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