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The classspects used here are as canon as possible but some gaps are going to be filled with theorized ones. Lords start out needing the complete domination of their Aspect.

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Able to move anything with their mind no matter how immense.

Homestuck aspects and classes. Multiple answers the light aspect is of. Princes and Bards can destroy the harmony in a group breaking the ties that allow people to understand each other. In my previous post I posited a theory that all standard classes and aspects can describe an individual beyond the Hero Title and subrole.

Ill be doing them in one big batch. 8142013 As for their Class Definition in Homestuck itself I came up with this. Side note while some of the classes are gender exclusive or lean towards a certain gender it isnt possible for me to completely.

Note your Type and Wing. Its better to think of each duality as a dichotomy. Sound means communication and understanding.

Really the only reason Homestuck has a plot at all is because the characters shown actually have some pretty shitty classes and aspects. For instance A Maid will use their aspect much differently than a Thief. Heres a step-by-step process of how to determine a Classpect Profile all 12 roles.

Active Creation and Sylph. A Sburb players assigned title consists of 2 parts – the aspect and the class the latter indicating the intended role of the player and how they may use their aspect. Their Aspect is.

Take this quiz with my homestuck aspect quiz to get your classpect. Active Manipulation and Heir. Leads his universe along the most logical path possible with no deviation from the plan.

One who changes Aspect or changes through Aspect for themselves. What is your homestuck class. One who knows Aspect or knows through Aspect for themselves.

Classes and two master. CREATION CLASSES-MAID-The active creation class Maids are players that prepare their others in their session through their aspect serve their aspect their job much like a maid is to prepare other people of note for what lies ahead. Without exception all those who are meant to become players of the fateful game known as Sburb are bestowed with a heros title.

Forces his sense of morality. The Aspects in Homestuck represent comprehensively the vectors through which reality unfolds. ComprehensionManipulation – Mage – Heir.

The aspect is usually some exceptionally vague concept while the class presumable defines how the aspect is utilized. Prince – One who uses their aspect to destroy and lacks their aspect. 1222015 But basically with those 6 Functions of Interaction and 2 Alignments we get our 12 Basic Classes each with their own unique force on the world.

This aspect is the representation of free-will freedom and motivation. Active Comprehension and Seer. Your class is what determines how you use your aspect.

One who changes Aspect or changes through Aspect for others. DestructionProduction – Prince – Sylph. Play this game to review Fun.

Take the Enneagram Test found here. This title consists of a class and an aspect. Standard Classes DistributionRelocation – Knight – Rogue.

Depending on the class the player receives the player will either utilize freedom and motivation or not be able to experience freedom or motivation whatsoever. Space – One of the two Cardinal Aspects that must be present in every session for a chance of success Space is the Aspect of Matter Creation and the Genesis Frog. ProductionDestruction – Maid – Bard.

When that happens they gain the ability to define and rewrite their Aspect as whatever they want. ManipulationComprehension – Witch – Seer. Multiple answers the light aspect is of Preview this quiz on Quizizz.

Alright so with all of the Classes done its time for the Aspects. 2202017 The purpose is to give you a Class and Aspect based off your results in personality tests. Here are the classes and what they do.

An Active class may at times allow their Aspect to act through them and a Passive class may at times exploit their Aspect for a known purpose. Homestuck Aspects And Classes Explained Angsty Teen Davekat Monologues Character Creation Cabin Fever Artist Names Cool Artwork Steven Universe Told You So Homestuck God Tier Blood also homestuck god tier rogue as well as. There are 14 known classes consisting of 12 normal.

992014 Analysis Of Homestucks Mythological Roles – Aspects. Able to directly control countless minds. The following theory states that each aspect has a matched pair an opposite in a sense though there are similarities and parallels between themEach pair represents two sides of the same coin.

The result you are looking for will look like w. They take care of the housekeeping of their aspect making sure that it does not unbalance in the session. KG – Professional Development.

I will use myself as an example. Pages of Sound literally deliver messages of importance to others and have amazing hearing ability the more active classes can fight with sound waves. RelocationDistribution – Thief – Page Master Classes Embody – Lord – Muse Aspects.

Witch – One who manipulates and changes their aspect to be how they want. Give me a Seer of Time a Knight of Space an Heir of Hope and a Prince of Void and the biggest danger would be them arguing with themselves. 1 Divide the aspects into 6 complementary pairsopposites.

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