Hemospectrum Problems

Submitted by madamepsy Posted 7 years ago. Curious to find out your place on the hemospectrum.

Art By H0nk Homestuck Homestuck Characters Steven Universe

This happens to be where most of the problems arise in fantroll making.

Hemospectrum problems. Problem Sleuth tends to see himself as a hard-boiled prohibition-era detective getting calls from Hysterical Dames while lazing about on his desk. Most of the dancestors and ancestors have different blood colors then the main 12 also the fanon trolls one of them has a blood color super close to Sky so you might be on to something. Submitted by anon This was actually a thing that happened.

Meteoras Moralinis ugdymas komedija rgb color values. Well actually you can submit pretty much anything pertaining to the hemospectrum. Can be funny can be sad just as long as it isnt clearly derogatory and stupid.

This dynamism makes them great leaders but it can also make them foolhardy. Problem Sleuth seeing himself as a hard boiled detective. 3112019 These colors are also found among lusii who take care of trolls with the same blood color.

They are confident and energetic ready to face the unknown. Theraintrap liked this mintysneezes liked this. Homestuck hemospectrum problems teal blood.

They can talk circles around most people and they arent afraid to use their intelligence to manipulate others to get what they want. Fuchsia blood Hemospectrum. Want to know if you are a highblood or lowblood.

7132020 13 Questions By Xiaoxiong0101 Last updated. First of all the Hemospectrum is essentially a rainbow of blood colors that determine caste rank in society. Please note that this is stricly based upon your personality.

So dont worry and dont be afraid to ask about something you dont understand. I cant believe I have to say this but DO NOT REUPLOAD this chart to your own page for adopts. Homestuck hemospectrum problems jade blood.

The Extended Zodiac says that Cancer. Submitted by tokyoflashback Reblogged 7 years ago from hemospectrum-problems 678 notes by anon Posted 7 years ago 106 notes. They are also very likely to have psychic powers.

They are good at making money and also good at spending it. They arent great financial planners tending toward impulse purchases. Diagnoses your blood color if you were a troll.

All bloods – here and here. Troll Blood Hemospectrum. Were now affiliated with hemospectrum-problems.

Hes has a penchant for monologuing in old 30s noir style at times and its a bit difficult to figure out what hes talking about occasionally. 6182013 Probably shouldnt be commenting like 5 years when this was made but I just wanted to say a few things if you DO. I am advertising this quiz in order for people to take it.

They crave new experiences the wilder and farther-from-home the better. 2202015 Feb 19 2015 – I desided to make a troll blood hemospectrum cuz. If I think its just plain stupid or goes entirely against canon It.

They are expected to in one way or another contribute to the reduplication process andor the rearing of grubs in the schooling facilities underground. Reblogged 7 years ago from hemospectrum-problems. Hemospectrum Art.

Here is a Hemospectrum headcanon blog. Make another hemospectrum chart. Rust Bronze Gold Lime Olive Jade Teal Blue Indigo Purple Violet Fuchsia Adventure motivates Rust Signs more than anything else.

Jadebloods are also relatively lower in number being the only caste in the hemospectrum to hold a sense of unity among themselves. Troll Blood Hemospectrum. Fir3h34rts Hemospectrum Chart Updated Oct 1 2015 – Update 2017.

Lowblood – here and here. Its actually pretty simple once you get it though. Though no specific trolls with lime blood are known Karkat Vantas is associated with the Lime Sign Cancer which is known as the Sign of the Signless after his ancestor who was executed in shackles resembling the sign.

Another important thing to learn about is the hemospectrum and blood caste. Jul 13 2020 Total Attempts. Justdont do it please.

Were now affiliated with hemospectrumheadcanons. Midblood – here and here.

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