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Set a new amethyst color background and enjoy a nice unobtrusive desktop design. Orange Aesthetic Color Palette.

Dark Academia Color Coding Hex Codes Coding

6182019 Mystical purple dark skies and twilight atmosphere are a great choice of theme for your Discord messenger.

Discord purple hex. Discord was initially released in May 13th 2015. Green Aesthetic Color Palette. Blue Violet Hex 8A2BE2.

The theme is suitable for any version. Whereas in a CMYK color space it is composed of 184 cyan 281 magenta 0 yellow and 149 black. This code is composed of a hexadecimal A0 red 160256 a 20 green 32256 and a F0 blue component 240256.

Dark Red to Light Red. If you like my color codes you might like my other publications. Get code examples like purple text discord.

Indigo purple violet pink red. Discord color codes of Purple color used in Discord logo and branding are given below. In the rgb color model that same blurple has 11 red 137 green and 218 blue or 114 137 218.

5A2555 5D2A7B 7948A2 A063C8 BE8CE5. The mascot in the Discord logo is also known as Wumpus. With more blue than red this medium purple color reflects that of classic purple while remaining much more vibrant.

16 rows Purple RGB color code. Brand Gradients rendition of Discords HEX colors creates a beautiful gradient and gives you an idea of how the Discord logo meshes with their CSS color gradient background of 7289da 99aab5 2c2f33. This code is composed of a hexadecimal A0 red 160256 a 20 green 32256 and a F0 blue component 240256.

The hex code for their burple is 7289DA. Discord Logo Color Hex Code. The HEX code of Purple color used in Discord logo is given below.

The hex codes default behavior is to only change the foreground text color. 862020 Blue Hex Codes. Were a playful and fun brand that doesnt take ourselves too seriously.

28662B 2A8636 43AA47 81C953 97E589. 1252019 The hexadecimal color code for their blurple is 7289da. 153 170 181 HEX.

153 0 0 HEX. 44 47 51 HEX. Discord Purples color palette created by hullabaloooo that consists cab2fb7e61ab9656ce5b209a36135a colors.

20498A 3D6FAD 4A88C5 88AEDB BBDAF2. 6 85 53 HEX. The mascot looks like a game controller with a face.

255 255 255 HEX. Palette Discord Roles has 5 HEX RGB codes colors. 255 215 0 HEX.

If the hex color is formatted as FFFFFFFFFFFF The first code is used for the foreground the second as the background. Discord hex and cmyk color values the colors for the discord brand are blurple full white greyple dark but not black and not quite black. The hexadecimal RGB code of Purple color is A020F0.

This design is open-source. 0 255 0 HEX. Purple HexRGB color code 800080.

114 137 218 HEX. Instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension. Whereas in a CMYK color space it is composed of 0 cyan 100 magenta 0 yellow and 498 black.

In a RGB color space hex b19cd9 also known as Light pastel purple is composed of 694 red 612 green and 851 blue. If the hex color is formatted FFFFFF The foreground text is left unchanged but the background is set. The chart below shows the hexadecimal color codes for shades of blue teal cyan and similar colors.

Red orange brown yellow yellowgreen. That said were keen on keeping things quality. If youre gonna use our art for something please keep it tasteful.

Discord dark theme hex. Purple Aesthetic Color Palette. The Discord Color Palette consists of blurple full white greyple dark but not black and not quite black.

In a RGB color space hex 800080 also known as Purple Patriarch is composed of 502 red 0 green and 502 blue. With so much blue that this shade appears almost classic blue it has just enough red to remain in the purple family. Palette Discord colors palette has 5 HEX RGB codes colors.

Medium Purple Hex 9370DB RGB 147 112 219. 2122020 Hex BA55D3 RGB 186 85 211. Amethyst is a calm and harmonious set of colors for successful work with the app.

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