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wow, I watched wolverine-Logan this Weekend,

This time Huge Jackman Back-Wolverine with his new movie Logan, screen Play, story or Directed by James Mangold, with the assistance of Michael Green and Scott Frank.well logan has already released on 3 March, and right now, it running successfully in the theaters.

This Movie Has everything that you want to watch, the story of the movie is good, the performance of the little girl Laura played by Dafne Knee and Professor X justifying the box office result.

This is the one of the best wolverine movies and the majority of the audience enjoying this in the theater.

The part that I like the most about this movie is in the end, I can’t believe that wolverine is a died man now. Hugh Jackman has a huge fan following and they might gonna be disappointed with the end of the movie well no one wanted to see the wolverine died.

I’m kind of sad with the end that wolverine just dies like that, anyways it’s what directed wants.

If you have not seen this movie yet, you can watch this online: Logan movie 2017 this link will lead you to another site where you can watch this online.


If you want to check updates and reviews about the movie

Go to Rottentomatoes.com or IMDB.

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