Hey, Guys. It’s me “Your Thunder Buddy

Today I faced another problem, Your thunder buddy is my website and when I tried to login into my website it started showing a message that access from your IP address has been blocked for security reasons, and I thought how can someone block admin to entering his website. after spending some time on the internet I was able to log in on my website again.

I have never heard of these kind problems before, but as you can see I’m still using my website that means I have found the solution for this.

yeah, that’s true, I have solutions for this kind of problems.

In some situations you won’t be able to login to your WordPress dashboard, may be because of a faulty plugin, or plugin conflict, and the only way by which you can log in, in this case, is to disable or deactivate the faulty plugin.

This sorts of problems mainly caused by the plugins we are using and to fix this problem, first we need to disabled all the WordPress plugins.you must be thinking

you must be thinking how can you disable the active plugins without login into your WordPress website. 

well, it’s really easy just follow my steps:

  1. open your Cpanel
  2. Look for File manager, select web root and hit ok.
  3. in the directory click on Wp-Content > Plugins

now, in order to make the plugin disable you have to rename that Plugin Folder.

4.Press left click on any Plugin Folder and Rename that folder, see how simple is that, now you can disable either all the plugins or the one you think of

Now try to login in your WordPress, I hope You won’t face any problem further.


This is the same method that I have followed in my case, and it work in my case

You can also Read this: Access from your IP address has been blocked for security reasons.


Thanks for listening

see you around


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