Trent River Fossils

Courtenay museum and trent river fossil hunt by nancy pezel 9 june 2018. Continuing west we reach the first of two fossil turtle sites on the river one terrestrial and one marine.

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Mike was leading a fossil expedition on the trent river.

Trent river fossils. Pat trask who in recent years has been finding bones along the river says the rib cage that he found about four weeks ago could belong to an elasmosaur a type of plesiosaur. The skeletal remains of an ancient swimming reptile called a plesiosaur have been discovered on the banks of the trent river south of courtenay. After enjoying coffees and conversations on the ferry trip to comox our group of 12 members met pat trask at the courtenay and district museum and palaeontological centre for a tour and up close look at some of the fossils and dinosaur reproductions pat showcased during his presentation.

You may recall that he was the same fellow who found the courtenay elasmosaur on the puntledge river. Of the upper cretaceous santonian haslam formation here we see the polytychoceras vancouverense zone. Walking west from the trent river falls at the bottom you pass the infamous ammonite alley where you can find mesopuzosia sp.

Amateur paleontologist pat trask was walking along the banks of the trent river south of cumberland and royston when he discovered what may be the fossilized remains of an elasmosaur a small. Workers removed fossil remains from the banks of the trent river on vancouver island saturday safely extracting them from where they had been resting for 85 million years. The fossil bone material was found years ago by mike trask of the vancouver island palaeontological society.

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