Red Bull Doodle Art Champion from India

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Red Dull Doodle Art

I guess you have heard about Red Dull Doodle Art. Some may know about this but some may be unknown to this ‘Red Bull Doodle Art‘. But, by the text you may know its something related to art, therefore art lover,art maker may gain from this and rest will have the knowledge. So guys let me tell you first about the Red Bull Doodle Art.

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Red Bull Doodle Art is the opportunity or chance to share your imagination with doodling skills around the world. The opportunity and rewards are as its goes- One doodler from each region will score a trip to an exciting Virtual Reality art experience, where one international winner will be crowned!

Exciting and thrill for the doodlers.

Interestingly one of the best know doodler is Santanu Kaushik Hazarika, from Guwahati. He is the only one ‘Red Bull Doodle Champion from India.

Santanu Kaushik Hazarika







He has an advice for the doodler and people who draw,’ what he says’- “Doodling is helpful in everyone’s life,” he explains after a brief pensive silence. “You don’t really aim to doodle as a profession – you just do it to solve a lot of your problems.”

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