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I hope you doing great, so let start it, well we heard the say “an apple a day keep the doctor away” we might want to be what actually apple have that make it so special, apple keeps us healthy and offer us great benefits.I Love apple but I wasn’t aware of the fact, Here is the more information may be it will help you.

Red apple vs green apple

Apple is one of the versatile fruit that is readily available in all season, Apple belongs to Rosaceae Family of flowering plants. 

Red Apple is known as Cooking apple, sweet taste. Green Apple is known as Granny Smith apple, sour and tasty and Yellow Apple is known as Red Delicious, Golden Delicious

Apple contains B complex vitamin, Antioxidant, Rich in Fibre, and improve our immune system, and prevent us from harmful disease and virus. Apple has its anti-aging and healing benefits.Green Apple as provides many benefits to women’s like, it prevents medical’s issues like Rheumatism, as it enhance the function of your thyroid gland and in their Menopause stage are advised to include green apple regularly as it helps them prevent Osteoporosis.




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