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Here, I will tell you the best and easiest way to get More Organic traffic on your website without using backlinks, Content or Social Sharing.

well, I know all the things that I mention above are also the essential part in order to achieve more organic traffic, but I’m not telling you to forget all this conventional method, I’m just trying to tell you about the one more way by which you can get more Organic traffic and it’s free.


Here is the Secret, a new method or strategy Called The Click Magnet Method, I read about it on the internet and here I going to share this method with you.


Let’s try to understand it

As you know the google wants to show their user the best result for a given keywords and they determine the best result by looking at things like backlinks, on page Seo, Social Sharing and more.


Question: What is Click magnet method?

Answer: Click magnet method is also be called as Click Through Rate Magnet Method.

  1. Step: find Google Adwords Ad
  2. Step: Include words and Phrases from Google Adword ads in your title and description tags.
  3. Step: Get more click on your content asap.

Now, You how to Get more Organic Traffic Method but you still don’t know how this method Works.

Let’s Talk about this three Step in detail, so it will help you understand The Click Magnet Method (CTRMM).

  • First, you need to find Google Adwords ads for your content or Target Keywords. Why? Google Adwords advertiser spend thousands of dollar on advertising for one main goal to get a click. That means the AdWords Ads that you see are often the result of hundreds if not thousand of split tests. In other words, When you see an ad on Google you know that its optimize to maximize clicks.
  • Second, These Words and Phrases to your titles and description tag.Try to use more keywords such as, Grow, Build, Simple, Today, Right now, Fast, best, Step by Step, Easy, Quick, etc. these words are also known as Power Words. Once you have added these keywords and phrase to your title and description tag, You should find yourself with more Clicks and more Organic traffic from google.
  • Third, Get more Click on your Post or content as soon as possible, how to get more Click, well you can use your Social Platform To get more views or click.


This Click Magnet Method is introduced by Rand Fishkin who is the founder and Former Ceo of MOZ.


I hope now you know the enough about Click Magnet Method, now you can use this method to get more organic traffic or to increase your website traffic.


Thanks for listening

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