Norfolk Broads History

The area is 303 square kilomet. In the 1950 s dr joyce lambert examined the sides of the lakes and discovered them to vertical rather than gently sloping as one might expect.

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The broads have inspired many fiction writer over the years the most famous being arthur ransom who set his children s books coot club and big six on the norfolk broads.

Norfolk broads history. The broads authority a special statutory authority responsible for managing the area became operational in 1989. While people had always used the norfolk broads for recreation the beginnings of tourism ultimately began with the arrival of the railway in the mid 1800s allowing more visitors to come to the region. This allowed more visitors to come to the region and sparked the introduction of the boat hiring businesses we still see on the broads today.

The broads and some surrounding land were constituted as a special area with a level of protection similar to a national park by the norfolk and suffolk broads act 1988. Amazingly it wasn t until the 1950s that this was realised when dr joyce lambert s research revealed that the sides of the deep lakes were vertical and not gently sloping as would be expected of a naturally formed lake. Knowledge of prehistoric norfolk is limited by a lack of evidence although the earliest finds are from the end of the lower paleolithic period.

Until the 1950 s it was believed that the norfolk broads were just a feature of the natural landscape. The norfolk broads may look natural but they are a man made phenomenon the result of inundated peat diggings. Created around the 9th or 10th century norfolk settlers discovered the peat in the.

The norfolk broads may be thought of as the creation of mother nature but in fact they re completely man made. History the broads are man made waterways created by peat digging. The hovercraft was invented on the norfolk broads.

The first written evidence of this dates back to the 12th century when much of east norfolk had been cleared of its woodland for. The visitor to the norfolk broads is initially unaware of its history but they are surrounded by abundant evidence of the past heritage from the peat diggings that formed the broads to the historic docks of great yarmouth and its fantastic fishing heritage through to the heart of the broads and the trading wherries many of which are still sailing and provide us with a fascinating living history and then of course there is the wool trade and the weavers who created. While the norfolk broads have always been used for recreation tourism in the area ultimately began with the arrival of the railway in the mid 1800s.

Norfolk ˈnɔːrfək is a rural county in the east of england. The lakes known as broads were formed by the flooding of peat workings. The broads is a network of mostly navigable rivers and lakes in the english counties of norfolk and suffolk.

The iceni tribe inhabited the region prior to the roman conquest of britain in 43 ad after. Since then however the history of the broads has been proved to be somewhat different. In the 1950 s by christopher cockerell a radio engineer who at that time was running a boatyard on the norfolk broads.

Communities have existed in norfolk since the last ice age and tools coins and hoards such as those found at snettisham indicate the presence of an extensive and industrious population.

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