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Today I’m gonna tell you about one of the simple ways by which you can monetize your website without Adsense.

How ?

Well, Right now I’m not getting paid by Google Adsense cause I still need their second approval, but what if I don’t want Google Adsense to monetize my website.

What to do, If Adsense disapproved your website? Is there any way by which you can easily monetize your website. Then, My Answer is yes, Yes you can monetize your Website outside the Google Adsense.

Let’s start it, without wasting your time.


How To monetize Your Website Without Adsense?


Shareaholic is one of the simple ways that you can choose to monetize your website, and how can Shareaholic help to build your Website or blog and to monetize your way in a simple manner, I will try to tell you everything about Shareaholic and how can we make money with Shareaholic.

Shareaholic is WordPress Plugin or the world’s leading all-in-one Content Amplification Platform, which includes related content recommendations, social sharing, following, social analytics and site monetization apps such as promoted content, native ads, and affiliate links.


Now, How Can you start making money with Shareaholic?

Well, it’s really easy than google Adsense. You can search for this Shareaholic Plugin in your WordPress Dashboard.i wish you already know how to add plugins in your WordPress Dashboard.

But still, I’m leaving you a Direct link here: Download Shareaholic WordPress Plugin, you can go there and check some more information about it.

Step 1: Install Shareaholic WordPress Plugin,

Step2: After Installing the Shareaholic Plugin, Click on this plugin and Go into the App manager



Step3: Now Click on Monetization,




Here, You can Choose your Monetization setting it’s Really simple and easy.


Step 4: Login into Shareaholic.com to see your Earning, They will provide you dashboard where you can check your website earning through ads.


See how easy Was that, This plugin has lots of other feature like social sharing, you will learn more when you start spending some time on it.

You can visit their website: Shareaholic.com and Shareaholic Blog to know more.

Read More: Shareaholic Plugin for WordPress


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