Largest National Parks In The World

This is one of the most famous national parks in the world and the great barrier reef also gets counted amongst the seven natural wonders of this planet along with being one of those largest in the world. This is a list of the number of national parks per nation as defined by the international union for conservation of nature nearly 100 countries around the world have lands classified as a national park by this definition.

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Its vast landscape sustains fascinating animals such as arctic foxes musk oxen and polar bears.

Largest national parks in the world. Found on the northeastern coast of australia this is an unbelievably huge coral reef ecosystem in the world. Nearly double the size of most of the parks on this list at over 50 000 acres it boasts stunning views of the cape of good hope signal hill and lions head plus table. Note that this article links to list articles of national parks by country on wikipedia in the country column in the tables.

It was established in 1975 and is governed by great barrier reef marine park authority. This is the most famous national parks known in the world. Below is a list of national parks in the country starting with the largest park.

Many visitors here come to brooks camp to the bear viewing platforms where they can watch 2 000 brown bears feed on salmon. Elias alaska 8 323 146 48 acres the wrangell st. This article discusses the largest national parks in africa.

The name papahānaumokuākea commemorates the union of papahānaumoku and wākea two honoured. The four biggest national parks are all found in alaska starting with katmai a nearly 4 million acre park in the southern part of the state just south of lake clark national park. Northeast greenland national park is the biggest national park in the world.

This national park is truly rugged and is home to less than 50 human inhabitants most of which are inuit hunters from ittoqqortoormiit. Soon after that and in ever increasing numbers after the second world war many other african countries followed suit leading to the. Image source this national park gets all the glory.

Another national park with a surreal landscape the plitvicne lakes national park in croatia is a unesco world heritage site and one of southeast europe s oldest national parks. From south america s largest urban park to the largest on the african continent cape town s table mountain national park on the south african coast is a world heritage site. Elias national park 8 323 146 48 acres is located in alaska.

The largest national park in the world is papahānaumokuākea marine national monument it was established by presidential proclamation in 2006 and encompasses over 1 5 million square kilometers of the pacific ocean an area larger than all the national parks of the united states combined. The united states has 12 national parks exceeding 1 million acres in area with 7 of these being found in alaska. The idea of protecting large tracts of lands as national parks took off in africa in 1925 with the establishment of virunga national park in what is now the democratic republic of congo.

Fauna of the plitvicne lakes national park includes the european brown bear wild cat lynx owl wolf owl and more. The marine life there is just breathtaking and the abundance of life there deserves conservation which is the reason there are a lot of.

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