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Here, I will talk about the various JK Rowling books till now, let me ask you something first, Did you ever heard of Robert Galbraith? well if not, it’s okay I was also unaware of that but now I know.

JK Rowling or Robert Galbraith, who is a British novelist, screenwriter, and film producer best known as the author of the Harry Potter, well I liked the work she did with Harry potter but here I’m not gonna talk about the harry potter. You have already watched it or maybe knows more about him(Harry Potter) than I do.


JK Rowling Harry Potter Novel’s

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                                            Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

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Cormoran Strike is a series of books written by JK Rowling as a pen name of  Robert Galbraith. The story chronicles the many cases of Private investigator Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott and Robert Galbraith true identity were revealed unexpectedly after the succession of The cuckoo’s Calling.

First novel Of Robert Galbraith: The cuckoo’s calling was published in 2013




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Second novel: The Silkworm (2014)







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Third Novel: Career of Evil (2015)







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JK Rowling Other’s Novel :

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