How to take a Screenshot of laptop/desktop on windows

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Today here I will tell you about the one easy way by which you can take a Screenshot of your laptop/Desktop and it’s totally free. its inbuilt programming and you can find in your window laptop/desktop to take the screenshot.I know there are lots of people out there who might  want to know the way by which you can take a screen shot of your laptop (window 7), well I’m going to tell you about the one easy way that I found in free and for that, you don’t have to go anywhere It’s already on your laptop.It’s an inbuilt Program of Window 7 and known as Snipping Tool.

so, Listen to me Carefully now and pay some attention me and follow my call;

Click on Start Menu>Type Snipping Tool in Search,

Click on Snipping tool, now drag the cursor around the area that you want to capture and you can also edit your screen image before taking the Screenshot.

It’s free and easy to use, so if you have window7 Feel free to use it.

Those who are using a Computer can follow this steps;

1.Hold Fn key and Press Print Screen

2.Click on Start Menu, and search of Paint the Paint and Press CTRL+V (Paste)

4.Save your Screenshot

see how easy was that


well, now you know how the things rolls.

Thanks for listening

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