Hey Friends, It’s me “Your Thunder Buddy

Today, I will tell you about the two ways by which you can start earning bitcoins or satoshi without even spending your money.why am I talking about only two ways? well, I’m talking only the way that I do prefer and using right now.

These two methods are real easy and simple to use, let’s try to save your time.

How to make Bitcoins


Method 1: Freebitco.inFirst of all, you have to register here. why? This website allows you to earn Free Bitcoin by submitting Captcha.

On this website, you can easily make lots of money.It’s real simple to understand to this website works.

Why I’m talking about this and how come this website will help you to earn bitcoin without having much knowledge of the Bitcoin Basic. what’s make this website so special.

Let suppose you have no knowledge about bitcoin but you want to Earn bitcoin in free, then you must register to this website.Here, On this website, you can earn 150-200 satoshi absolutely free every hour, that’s mean you can make nearly 3,600 in one day (24 hours) Which is way simple.There are lots of another way by which you can earn some extra bitcoin here, such as multiple bets, Lottery, Rewards, Refer.

Remember, Don’t Be Greedy. why? 3,600 is not bad for one day and nearly 1lakh satoshi for a month.

all you have do is to make sure to visit again, after an hour to claim your hourly free bitcoin by submitting Captcha image.Easy Peasy isn’t it.


how to make bitcoins


Method 2: takefreebitcoin.com, this website is same as the above one, which allows you to earn free bitcoin in every 5 min all you have to do is submit the captcha just to claim you free bitcoin. you can make easy money here too.

How to Register on this website

you can easily register on Freebitco.in and takefreebitcoin.com by click on this link

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Why this two method is Good, listen to my friends. these two methods are absolutely free and simple to use and if you using both the website at the same time you can make more bitcoin without spending your any penny, which is the good thing.

You can ask me anytime if you want to ask me anything.


Thanks for listening

See you around

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