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today I’m going to tell you about the Chrome Error7: ERR_TIMED_OUT and how to fix chrome err-timed-out., well there are the lot of ways to fix this issue that’s the most confusing thing about this error, sometimes it’s hard to understand which way we should follow to fix this error.But here I will try to share each and every way that I have tried to fix error problem.

Let start with the basic fixes

First Method: The most of the time this is error shows up just because of our ad blocks or ad filter, so if you using any sort of ad blocking app or software, that might be the one of the reason.

why? well ERR_CONNECTIOM_TIMED_OUT is also an another example caused by adblocker or software, this mainly occurs because of conflicts between adblocker or web browser.

Fix: Just remove your software or ad blocker if you using any


Second Method: Clear your Browing data, sometimes clearing browsing data can also be helped you to get rid of this error, So, If you already know how to clear your browsing data then you must clear it. and if you don’t just follow the following step;

Step 1: Open up your browser setting

Step 2: Go in advance setting

Step 3:  You can either choose chrome Default setting here, or you can clear or remove your history browsing data manually.


Third Method: Flush the DNS

Step 1: Click on start > all program> accessories > command prompt

Step 2: Right click on command prompt, Select run administrator

Step 3: type Ipconfig/flushdns, Then hit enter


Fourth Method: Renew IP address

Step 1: open command prompt again

Step 2: type Ipconfig/release

Step 3: Ipconfig/renew, and hit enter

Step 4: reboot when you are done.


Fifth Method: Change internet Proxy setting:

Step 1: open up google chrome

Step 2:  Go to chrome setting > click on advance setting

Step 3: Change Proxy setting (network category) Lan setting

Step 4: Unchecked the box labelleduse a Proxy server for your Lan

Step 5: Uncheck the Box labelled “automatically detect setting” then click ok


Sixth Method: By Modify HOst file

Step 1: open up your C Drive

Step 2: C:\window\system32\drivers\etc

Step 3: after opening etc folder, click “HOSTS” file select open with notepad

Step 4: Look for and delete anything written after the last # sign.

Step 5: Anything written outside of that(#) blocks websites

Step 6: click file and save

step 7: exit notepad


Seventh Method: change firewall setting

Step 1: It’s totally depend on which firewell setting do you use?

Step 2: Visit online guide for the information to exclude chrome from the firewall security.

but if you using BIT DEFENDER FIREWALL SECURITY, follow this step

Step 3: open bit defender firewall

Step 4: switch the user appearance to Expert mode.

Step 5: click firewall ! rules

Step 6: add the following file to exclude it from the firewall security protection.

C:\Program file(x86)\google\chrome\application\chrome.exe

Step 7: click the nearest icon and set it to allow by click on it.

well, i have cured my error just following the top four method, you will be better once to know how to fix this type of error in future.



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Thanks for listening to me

see you around



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