Green River Fossils

The largest of these lakes was known as fossil lake. Claws on each finger of its wings indicate it was probably an agile climber and crawled along and under tree branches searching for insects.

Fossil Stingray And Herring Plate Heliobatus Radians Knightia Eocaena Eocene Green River Formation Wyoming Usa Fossils Prehistoric Animals Ancient Animals

Numerous fish species turtles lizards snakes birds mammals insects palms and flowers thrived in what was.

Green river fossils. The most productive zone called the split. There are close to 300 plant fossils found in the green river formation. National park service fossil butte national monument photograph.

There are several commercial quarries operating in the green river formation. This 5 5 inch long bat is the most primitive bat known. Within this formation are layers of fine grained limestones and other sediments that preserved remarkable fossils of not only plants but fish mammals.

Within the green river formation of southwest wyoming in the area known as fossil lake two distinct zones of very fine grained lime muds are particularly noted for preserving a variety of complete and detailed fossils these layers are an eocene lagerstätte a rare place where conditions were right for a rich accumulation of undisturbed fossils. The green river stone company offers the finest in natural art and stone products. Unearthed by hand from southern wyoming s green river formation our 50 million year old eocene fish fossils flora and fauna fossils become unique design elements that fill your home office or space with natural objects of history.

Fossils found in green river rocks. Allowed for rapid burial of dead organisms or plant material offering protection from bacteria the elements and scavengers. Relatively constant deposition of sediment in calm environments.

It has yielded a wide variety of spectacular vertebrate insect and plant fossils. We are a pioneer in the use of fossil stone for home design and museum quality artwork made from the world s most exclusive and highest quality stone. Fossil preservation in the green river formation is thought to be so complete due to a couple of ideal environmental conditions present in the lakes.

Green river fossil fish facts the green river formation records the sedimentation of a group of intermountain lakes in what is now present day wyoming colorado and utah. Our medium is fossil rich calcium carbonate shale from our private quarry in southwestern wyoming. The green river formation is a preeminent fossil locale known as a lagerstätte a deposit that produces specimens with exceptional preservation.

Green river fossil bat. View more green river animal fossils. It is an important fossil site for understanding the eocene epoch in north america.

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