European Inland Waterways Map

French edition supplied directory as a high quality pdf sent to your email address. Unece also maintains the maps of inland waterways both for commercial and recreational purpose.

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Map 1210 mm by 870 mm two scales.

European inland waterways map. With the rhine the moselle and their tributaries dominating the german system and providing outlets for the. Small and large ships whatever the cargo and wherever the destination there is almost certainly a vessel that will deliver the flexibility and reliability that are the hallmark of inland shipping. European waterways map and concise directory 5th edition.

Waterways maps of the inland waterways in 19 countries of europe. European waterways map unece blue book waterway network technical data vessels. Cruising europe at the helm of your own boat whether rented purchased or brought to europe.

An online interactive version of the agn network including the blue book data is also available here. In particular it offers an environment friendly alternative in. 6 see inset above voir l encart ci dessus.

1 4m and 1 1 5m. Inland waterway transport is a competitive alternative to road and rail transport. Major inland waterways of europe.

The classification of european inland waterways is a set of standards for interoperability of large navigable waterways forming part of the trans european inland waterway network within continental europe and russia. The map of the european inland waterway network available in english french and russian offers a general view of the existing classes of european inland waterways it is issued every five years. The european commission aims to promote and strengthen the competitive position of inland waterways in the transport system and to facilitate its integration into the intermodal logistics chain.

Cevni is the european code for navigation on inland waterways code européen des voies de la navigation intérieure cevni which is the european code for rivers canals and lakes in most of europe except the united kingdom the nordic countries spain italy and the balkans except croatia all having their own regulations. Deaux e r h ô n e es est º e. Eurocanals guides can help you find the best routes canals boatyards and moorings.

After the end of world war ii the growth of transport by inland waterway in europe coordinated by the various international authorities resulted in an enlarged and integrated network brought up to a minimum common standard for craft of 1 350 tons. See inset above voir l encart ci dessus. Rivers cruising the navigable rivers of western europe and the danube route from north sea to black sea.

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