Easter -What’s it Story and why do people Celebrate it

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Today, I’m gonna to tell you about some Interesting facts about the what is Easter and  Why do People Celebrate it and many more stories that revolve around it.

Why we Celebrate Easter

we all know that Easter is a festival of Christian which brings hope, joy, warmth, and love in our lives. On Easter people celebrates the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion.

well, Christians believe Jesus was Crucified on Good Friday and Rose again three days later. Therefore, we started celebrating these three days as the Easter Triduum.

Why Eggs and Chocolates?

Easter Egg
Eggs were already been in the story Even before the birth of Christianity. The egg was seen as a symbol of Spring, a celebration of the rebirth and reinvigoration after the harshness of winter.

That’s why the Mesopotamians – an ancient Christian community living in an area roughly covered today by Iraq, Syria, and Kuwait – used to stain eggs red to symbolize the blood of Christ.

hot cross bun

People love to eat Hot cross buns which are also a traditional snack for this festival. The cross on the top represents the crucifixion of Christ and the spices inside remind Christians of the spices put on his body.

Where does the Easter Bunny come from

We can give credits to the Germans for the Easter bunny.

Originally an ‘Easter hare’, a buck-toothed bringer of chocolate to the kids that have behaved themselves was first mentioned in German literature in 1682.

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