hey, Guys. It’s me “Your Thunder Buddy”

Today my laptop suddenly began to show Error (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG), I already told you that I did my graduation in mechanical engineering, that why i don’t know much about this type of Error and how to solve them,I became depressed and was thinking about it to solve.

after few research on web i got the way to solve this problem and now i would to share this information with you,so it won’t give you any trouble in future.

let’s start with the basic:

Question: what is dns_probe_finished_bad_config?

Answer: well,This is an error related to the DNS (Domain Name System)which is used to translate the website name to the corresponding IP address.



Before Doing any Technical stuff, Let me tell you one easiest way,i see if it work for you or not.

Easy one: Firstly turn off your system and remove the Ethernet cable from the system,turn off the router wait for 2 min.Turn the router on,then the system and connect the Ethernet cable,check and see if it’s work.

2ND method:Hold window key and press R 

2. In the Run Dialog box,write cmd and click ok.

3.When the Black Command Prompt opens,type the Ipconfig/flushdns and hit enter, this will flush dns cache

3RD Method: open up your control panel,and go into the Network and sharing center

1. Identify your active network adaptar,and right click it.then choose properties

2. Then from the properties panel box,click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)

3. Here,you have to change your Preferred Dns server setting manually or you can obtain DNS server address automatically

Step 4: Click OK and close the rest of the windows.

well it’s all done you,Easy peasy.

Thanks for listening me

see you around

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