Do you know difference between arteries and vein?

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I know you already well aware of the difference between arteries and vein, but still, let me help you to recall it once again.

well, In a normal word we can say that arteries carry oxygenated blood to tissue, while vein carries deoxygenated blood back to the heart.


Question 1: What is the function of arteries and veins? or how are arteries different from veins?

Question 2: how are arteries different from veins?

Answer 1 or 2: well,  Arteries are red blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart with the exception of the pulmonary artery and umbilical artery.Arterial have thick elastic muscular and rigid walls, that can handle high pressure of the blood flowing through the arteries.In arteries valves are absent.


while on another side Veins are blue blood vessels that carry blood towards the heart with the exception of pulmonary veins and umbilical vein from various parts of the body to the heart.Veins are thin and non-elastic muscle layer where semi-lunar valves are present to prevent the blood from flowing in the opposite direction.blood flow under low pressure.

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