Whats app New Year Resolution
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Whats App New Year Resolution 2018 | How will It Affect you

Whats App New year Resolution Whats App New year Resolution, yes you heard me right. What’s App now has announced that some of the operating systems may not be supported after 31 Dec 2017. So, If you haven’t make a new year resolution, you should make the one. Because now …

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best android app | Smart Screen On-Off (NEW) | Download Apk

Hey, Friends, It’s me “your thunder buddy” I’m gonna share you my experience and the best android app that gonna help you to lock your phone screen without pressing your power button.   Yeah, I’m talking Smart Screen On-Off (NEW) which is developed by LuuTInh Developers. Smart Screen On Off (New) …

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Best App AZ Screen Recorder app

hey friends,It’s me your thunder buddy. Here, I’m gonna tell you about the best android app that gonna help you to make a screen video of your phone and it’s feature. AZ Screen Recorder is the best app to record the screen of your Lollipop. It does NOT require root …