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bitcoin basic
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BitCoin Basic

Bitcoin is the real money that doesn’t exist in the real world, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in real.

Here, I will tell you few things about the Bitcoin basic, how to make money with Bitcoin and where you can make free Bitcoin.


so Let’s start it without wasting your time, BitCoin is a form of cryptocurrency which is not owned, controlled or managed by any of the government, kings or any powerful organization. Bitcoin is not printed in banks and is not produced against gold.

It is the most popular decentralized digital currency which is now used worldwide as a medium of exchange.

By using this BitCoin you can send money to anywhere, directly to the person you want, no matter in which part of the worlds he lives.There are lots of interesting things about BitCoin and here I will share it with you.

What’s is BitCoin Mining, It is the process of turning computing power into actual bitcoin, which allows you to generate BitCoin without the need to actually buy Them.


Now, Lots of people would say Bitcoin mining can’t be done at home Because you need very Expensive in order to start mining. But this not entirely true.

What is BitCoin Wallet?

well, why u need a Bitcoin wallet and what’s the Bitcoin basic. BitCoin Wallet is a Place or an online bank for where you can make all your transactions. as you know BitCoin is not a really money, it’s a virtual money but not fake.

how to get the bitcoin wallet, well there are lots of websites where you can register for Wallet, Let me give you some link, but not so many.

  1. Bitcoin.Org
  2. Blockchain Wallet (this is the one that I’m using)


What is BitCoin Address?

A BitCoin address is a public key for you which is used for transactions between you and the second person and can be sent and this concept is present in the Bitcoin protocol itself. A BitCoin wallet is a collection of private keys that correspond to addresses. A private key is necessary to spend from an address.

With the help of this Bitcoin wallet, you can send money to anywhere, directly to the person you want.

Well, now you know where you can keep this Bitcoin cause u have a Bitcoin Wallet now.

second thought, how to make Bitcoin and where you can get this Bitcoin free. relax I will give you a link below where you can register and start making bitcoins. Click here, this link will lead you directly to the website where you can make Bitcoin.

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