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Today, Here I will talk about the best WordPress plugins – Shareaholic that will help you to build your WordPress website.



well, Shareaholic is the one of the world’s leading all-in-one Content Amplification Platform, which includes content recommendations, social sharing, following, social analytics and site monetization apps such as promoted content, native ads, and affiliate links.

Let’s Talk About Shareaholic In detail and try to understand the feature’s Shareaholic Provides

Feature 1: Social Share Button (floating Share button), Shareaholic provides you a Social Share Button that can help you to reach more audience, here you can adjust your social button according to your target audience.

Here you can easy manage you Social Share Buttons and trust me, this is much easier than it looks.

Feature 2: Earn money By Showing Relative contents

This another Best feature of Shareaholic by which you can make money also if you want.

This Feature allows you to show your other the relevant post or content, Just below your post, which will help you to get more active views or impressions.

This Feature Also allows you to make easy money by showing high Quality and relevant Content, just below your post.

Anyways, you can easily edit or modify your website monetization setting anytime you want.


Feature 3: Follow Button, this feature Helps you get more followers to grow your social influence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many other social networks.


Feature 4: Easy to Monetize Your Websiteif you are looking for the alternative of Google Adsense where you can make some, well Shareaholic is the Best and easy to Way to Monetize your Website.

well, Right now I’m waiting for my second approval from Adsense, that’s why All the google Adsense Ads on website showings as a blank space.Anyways, But what if I don’t Want to wait? Is there any other way to monetize my Website. Then My answer is YES.


How can you make money with Shareaholic

well, monetizing your website on Shareaholic is very simple as compared to Google AdSense, if you’re using a WordPress then you are really in Luck cause this plugin really has some great feature as well, which will help you to grow up your business or to reach the target audiences.

Shareholic works same as Google Adsense, it provides you a Dashboard where you can manage your Ads or monetization settings.


How Shareaholic Ads Works?

well, Shareaholic Shows Different kinds of ads on your website, Here I will try to tell you about them.


1.Anchor Overlay Ads: The anchor an overlay ad format is an ad unit that sits at the bottom of the screen. As an active user scrolls down the page, the ad remains “anchored” to the bottom of the screen. Since the ad sticks on the page and is always in users’ view, this ad format usually monetizes far better than standard ads, as much as +400%.


2.Outstream Video Ads: Outstream video ads are very high-quality video ads served outside of a video player, between paragraphs of text, typically without sound. They are designed to be 100% viewable, magically deploying and playing when the unit is onscreen. The format is seamlessly integrated within desktop and mobile and is non-intrusive to the user experience. This ensures high CPMs and higher earnings for you. Outstream video ads tend to be very lucrative for publishers, as the format’s high viewability can command over $10 CPMs.


How To check Your Website Earning on Shareaholic?

well, You can Check your Website Earning on dashboard provide by Shareaholic.com.

All these Features make this plugin the best WordPress Plugins, you can use it as per your requirement, whether you want to use it only for share and follow button or you want to monetize your website.


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