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I’m gonna share you my experience and the best android app that gonna help you to lock your phone screen without pressing your power button.


Yeah, I’m talking Smart Screen On-Off (NEW) which is developed by LuuTInh Developers.

Smart Screen On Off (New) application is the best application which automatically On or Off screen using proximity sensor and double tap on Home Screen, instead of having to press the power button manually.

Smart Screen On Off (New) application helps to minimize the use of power button anytime and everywhere. Sometimes what if your power button not functioning or not working, it will be the best app that you need to install. It will help you to unlock your phone and easy to access your phone.

How to use Smart Screen On Off (New) application:

  • To lock your screen, you just need to double tap your Home Screen.
  • The sensor will automatically detect and auto power off screen to help you.
  • To unlock the screen, one should do the same as above or double tap on the proximity sensor on the right-top side of your phone.
  • You can disable the feature when the screen rotates horizontally.
  • Auto screens off when putting your phone into the pocket.
  • Best performance. Only use a maximum of 5 MB RAM.
  • The best part about this app is ads free.

You can Directly download Smart Screen On Off app from Google App Store.

Download Smart Screen On Off Apk File


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