Barbell Floor Press Alternative

Just ditch the bench and instead set up on the floor to limit the range of motion. The dumbbell chest press targets the same muscles as the bench press.

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Dumbbells can be easier to locate and handle than a barbell especially for a beginner.

Barbell floor press alternative. How to do the floor press. And vince hated the bench press. Said my favorite bodybuilder of all time sorry arnold is the legendary vince gironda.

As the barbell descends towards the chest the upper arms will contact the. Start by performing dumbbell squeeze presses and then transition directly to dumbbell floor presses when you fatigue. Now that you have a good understanding of the benefits and downfalls of the floor press its time to break down the most effective way to complete the floor press.

I could find a good space for db floor pressing but i was wondering if there might be other alternatives you would recommend. Most guys panic when they won t have access to a bench for chestday but here are 5 floorpress substitutes from mh fitness director bj gaddour bjgaddour. Avoid the floor press.

This movement can be performed with a barbell or dumbbells although the barbell version is easier to set up. People often overlook the floor press as a worthwhile exercise to perform for the upper body. Dumbbell squeeze press floor press combo watch the video 00 46 this is a great mechanical dropset where you transition from a harder version of a movement to an easier one.

What is great about this exercise is that it offers a similar pattern to the bench press while overloading the top of the movement. The barbell bench press is the most overrated exercise in the history of the universe. I am running 12 week strength program so far i love it and next week one of the prescribed exercises is floor press.

This is one of the most basic pain free ways of pressing that decreases the amount of stress on the anterior shoulder girdle while also allowing you to go heavy. 1 barbell floor press. The one downside to this movement is that you re not going to be able to lift the barbell through its full range of motion because your.

So when it came to alternative exercises for bench pressing vince had one exercise he considered supreme. Use a pad around the barbell or some other reference to give you an endpoint for the range of motion. The only variability you can implement on a floor press is the style of resistance you use whether that be dumbbells kettlebells or a traditional barbell.

If the floor press can teach us a lesson it is that we do not need as much range of motion on our exercises as we may think. 1 barbell floor press. You can limit the range of motion in the bench press to gain the benefits without the problems.

The setup of my gym makes barbell floor pressing difficult so i was curious about alternatives. The floor press is an excellent bench press alternative if you don t have access to a flat bench but still want a barbell variation. It s a compound exercise meaning you re still going to be able to target the same muscle groups as the bench press.

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