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well, Bahubali 2-The Conclusion Official Trailer Has released now and already running on #1 trending on youtube or social media, and will it gonna release in 28, April. well, I’m really excited about this movie cause I really want to know why Kattapa killed the Bahubali and why he betrayed him.There are lots of unfolded things that may arise sometimes in my mind.I think Bahubali is still alive, cause No one ever sees his body neither they have shown us in Bahubali trailer 2. anyways, it just my guess.



I have one more thing to share, In this picture, we can see that Bahubali is still alive and looking straight to Kattapa, where Kattapa is feeling ashamed of his deed. Anyways, I can be wrong No big deal, I’m also looking for the answer same as you do.


This is one of the most awaited movies for that whole world, literally, the whole world was waiting for a long time with just one question, why Kattappa killed Bahubali, what’s the mystery behind that.

Bahubali Trilogy books It has been written by Author Anand Neelakantan, and already released on 7 march. The First book of the Trilogy Titled as The Rise of the Sivagami: Book one of the Bahubali-Before the beginning.It is the story of orphaned who is lost his family at very young age, he found his mother (Sivagami) in the end Of Bahubali First, where he pledged to avenge his father death.

well, this movie already starts the breaking records on youtube and no one knows what the Next.

You can buy Bahubali Trilogy Book here

If you haven’t watched the first part yet, buy Bahubali Movie 1 here

I don’t want to give you any reason to watch this movie, but this movie is full of entertainment and after all, we still need the answer…why did Kattappa killed Bahubali.

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