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Which one is good for you Red Apple Or Green Apple?

Hey, friends, It’s Me “Your Thunder Buddy” I hope you doing great, so let start it, well we heard the say “an apple a day keep the doctor away” we might want to be what actually apple have that make it so special, apple keeps us healthy and offer us …


Do you know the exact Number Of Oscar Actor Johnny Depp Have?

Hey, Friends. It’s me “your thunder buddy“. here we gonna talk about the Actor Johnny Depp and his life, his good or bad deed, why? .Well, he is one of the Best Actor in the world, so what not talk about him and I have one more reason .well, I’m a …


Halloween-Why People Celebrate-What it’s Story?

Hey, Guys. It’s Me “Your Thunder Buddy“. Here I’m I will talk Halloween and the story revolves around it.Why it’s so popular and why kids like it.Where it came from and how it brings all the fun, joy, and smiles over each other face.   Thanks For listening see …

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Basic Science

Why tomatoes is red and what is Lycopene ?

Why Tomatoes is Red Hey, Guys. It’s Me “Your Thunder buddy” Why tomatoes is red, well if you don’t know it’s okay.we will also know the Benefits of Lycopene and what’s the science behind is phenomena’s. Let’s start it without wasting time.   Thanks for listening See You around

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What is content marketing infographic How to Make Your own Infographic?

Hey, Guys. It’s Me “Your thunder buddy” here, I’m gonna tell you about content Marketing and Infographic Content Marketing.Let’s start it without wasting time, cause time is precious. so let start it. Infographic Content Marketing Is widely used around the world these days, It’s a new way to attract your audience …

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Basic’s Question Asked by People’s about Amazon Affiliate Program

Hey Friends, It’s me “your thunder buddy”   Here, I’m going to talk you about the one of the way, by which you can make money.yeah you heard me right. It’s a legal and easy way, but remember making money is a hard work thing and in order to earn money from Amazon …

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MusixMatchApp- The World Larget Lyric Platform

hey,guys.It’s Me”Your thunder Buddy” I hope everyone is good and fine, well let start I’m gonna talk about Musixmatch App–The World Larget Lyric Platform which was founded in Bologna, Italy, on January 21, 2010, by Massimo ciociola,7 years ago. well, I’m not joking. I’m  just trying to get your …

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hey, Guys. It’s me “Your Thunder Buddy” Today my laptop suddenly began to show Error (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG), I already told you that I did my graduation in mechanical engineering, that why i don’t know much about this type of Error and how to solve them,I became depressed and was thinking about …

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Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adword advertising

hey, Friends, It’s me “Your thunder buddy” I always wanted to know which keywords have the most expensive keywords market value, well I have got a list of them and now I’m gonna share it with you.   here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive keywords Insurance Loans Mortgage …

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How to put google adsense on your WordPress website and start showing Ad?

hey, Friends, It’s me “Your thunder buddy” hey, guys. here, I’m gonna talk about how to you can put an ad on your WordPress website, well I guess you already know that our website “” is a WordPress website that’s why I know how can you put a Google Adsense Ads …