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India’s Chicken’s Neck – Why Siliguri Corridor is very important to India?

Why China want to go on war with India. How will the presence of China in Doklam will effect the security of India. But India sees a different picture of China here, does china really trying to harm India’s Chicken’s Neck or Siliguri Corridor. Why Doklam matters to India? Well, …

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What is Doklam StandOff and why Doklam Issue is more important than it’s look

What’s the Doklam Issue In the last few months, you may have heard a lots of story about Doklam Standoff. Do you know know where is Doklam, and which three nations are involve in Doklam standoff. well, let try to know more about this issue. well, you should know that …

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How to Remove the Powered by WordPress | Change you Default WordPress Copyright

How to Remove Powered by WordPress or How to remove Copyright Notice by WordPress To remove the powered by WordPress footer links on your site? Here, I will tell you how to write Copyright Notice on the Footer of your WordPress website. At the end of the Post you will learn how to …


New Delhi Alwar Elevated Corridor Awaits for Final Approval

New Delhi Alwar Elevated Corridor hey Friends It’s me “Your Thunder Buddy” New Delhi To Alwar Just In 104 min   World is Changing, SO we are. There is good news for those who lives in NCR (North Central Region),in a next few years you will be able to travel …


Angry Indian vs Snapchat CEO Evan Spigel Statements

Angry Indian vs Snapchat Indian Finally Answered The Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, We can’t say anything about it but we understand the depth of matter, the reaction of the Indian on the Evan Spiegel statement  was outrageous, the whole nation took the stand as one and decide not to use …


Easter -What’s it Story and why do people Celebrate it

First of all, wish you a happy Easter Today, I’m gonna to tell you about some Interesting facts about the Happy Easter and  Why do People Celebrate it and many more stories that revolve around it. Why we Celebrate Happy Easter? Happy Easter is a festival of Christian which brings hope, …

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how to check your website ranking and Google Page Rank

Hey, Friends.It’s Me “your thunder buddy” Here, I will tell you about the two ways by which you can check your website ranking. Why? well, if you really want to work on you Seo part of the should well aware of this thing. It helps you to improve your …

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How to make bitcoins in Free | Two Best and Simple Way Earn Bit Coin

Hey Friends, It’s me “Your Thunder Buddy” Today, I will tell you about the two ways by which you can start earning bitcoins or satoshi without even spending your money.why am I talking about only two ways? well, I’m talking only the way that I do prefer and using right …

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Hit Leap Traffic Exchange | Simple Way to Increase traffic on Website |

If You are looking for the way by which you can Increase your website traffic.well, I have a thing that you might want to know about, I’m Talking about the Hit Leap Traffic Exchange, Here, I will tell you about the Hit Leap Traffic Exchange and how exactly it’s gonna help …

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Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra 2017 | Toughest Breathtaking Pilgrim Trail

Hey, Friends. It’s Me “Your Thunder Buddy“ Today I’m Gonna talk everything I know about Shrikhand Mahadev (18700Ft). Actually, In this June-July we are planning to go to meet our Load Shiv, up there in the mountains. You can also join us on Facebook if you want to go there too, Shrikhand …